More and more super couples

The inner circle

“Changes in our society are sometimes simply related to love. Who is looking for whom”, says Jan Latten from Statistics Netherlands (CBS). For the first time in history, the number of highly educated women equals the number of highly educated men. This is evident from new figures from Statistics Netherlands. Highly educated means a higher vocational education or university. The highly educated women want a man who is at least as well educated as they are. It has far-reaching consequences. For the economy. And for the marriage market.

More and more super couples

In the age group 25 to 35 years, women are even overrepresented by 10 percent. A development that has implications for the marriage market. CBS chief demographer Jan Latten sees that Dutch people with a high level of education are specifically looking for a partner with the same type of education. “Young people are increasingly critical of who they want to work with, because if you invest in yourself, your education and your social network, you can only improve your life in one way. It is by finding a partner who have at least the same qualities.” “And because it is quite difficult to find such a partner, you also see that young people are now using all sorts of techniques to quickly find a partner,” according to Latten. So the specialized dating platforms are popping up like mushrooms.

The result of this is that you get more contrast between families. The wealthy families on one side, the less wealthy on the other. And it’s not just about income.

Jan Latten, CBS


For example, if you are a multi-millionaire and you want someone who understands your lifestyle, you download ‘Luxy’. The app for the rich and attractive. Or if you want to meet an equally intelligent and successful single from your city, try ‘The Inner Circle’. A Dutch, exclusive dating platform where your data even passes a real voting committee. ‘We noticed that there was a huge demand for a high-quality platform where young, highly educated people can find each other.’ says founder David Vermeulen. And the demand is so great that we are now even going to start ‘The Inner Circle’ in London, Barcelona and New York.’

Super couple

According to Latten, more and more ‘super couples’ are being created in the Netherlands. Both highly educated, a good job, so together a high income. “The result of this is that you get more contrast between the families. The wealthy families on one side, the less wealthy on the other side. And it’s not just about income, it’s about many things. About where you live, where children go to school, even the children’s success in school is affected.” These ‘super couples’ are mainly in the thirties generation. It will therefore certainly take a number of years before the influence on the Netherlands becomes visible to a large extent. Latten: “It is something that will happen in the coming decades and people are not paying enough attention to it. Changes in our society are sometimes simply related to love. With who is looking for whom.”


Janneke Gaanderse is a psychologist and author of the book Learning to Relate. She found her partner through ‘The Inner Circle’. “I’m looking for people who match my desires. ‘The Inner Circle’ already made a selection for me. If you look at sites like Lexa or relationship planet, you’ll get a deluge of idiots in your inbox.”

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    Janneke found her partner through ‘The inner circle’.
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Not only the difference in income and education is changing. The way men and women meet each other is also different than before. A few years ago, it was taboo to say that you had met your partner via the Internet. But the number of contacts via websites is increasing rapidly. This makes it much easier for singles to find the desired partner. The new trend is: just an app on your mobile phone.

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