Movember lives among singles

It’s November, the month when many men grow their mustaches for charity: ‘Movember’. Reason why the online dating platform among more than 4,800 singles examines the extent to which Dutch singles are committed to charity and how popular the mustache actually is among single women. And guess what? Our singles are extremely charitable. Especially the single women.

Male benefactors wanted

Despite a mustache being considered a turn off among single women, a man with a Movember mustache is proving to be very popular with them. Many singles therefore find it an advantage when their date donates to charity. Male benefactors are especially popular with women. It is a sign to them that their potential partner is thinking about others. Research from shows that more than three quarters of singles give to charities. ‘Movember’ is also alive among the singles. Almost three quarters, both men and women, are considering supporting this charitable cause in November. And that can only mean one thing: lots of single mustaches this month!

Lots of single mustaches in November

Unfortunately, more than a third have had to deal with testicular or prostate cancer in their environment. Almost three quarters of singles, both men and women, are considering supporting ‘Movember’. The men who support this goal will actually grow mustaches. Women do not draw mustaches on their faces, but support this cause by sponsoring friends. Like its singles, is also committed to ‘Movember’ this month by donating one euro to this charity for every new member in November. Playful campaigns are also being rolled out on its dating platform to raise awareness of the topic of men’s health.

The Movember mustache is a date magnet

November is mustache month. But how popular is the mustache really? asked this question to single women from 1966 and guess what? Most female singles don’t really like a mustache. They find a man with a mustache unattractive, and the tickling of the mustache during kissing is cited as the biggest drawback. But a man who grows his mustache for ‘Movember’, women think it’s amazing! More than 68% approve of growing a mustache in the month of November.

Favorite ‘mustache’

It is therefore a fact, the Movember mustache is hot among bachelors in the Netherlands. It shows that the moustache-wearer in question has his heart in the right place, and it is wildly attractive to many single women. But which mustache is the most preferred right now? Especially for all Movember men looking for love, has selected which mustache is the most popular. With a small majority, the small thin mustache with two tight elongated triangles is preferred over others. Like Valerio Zeno wears it.

The man knows what to do with upper lip decoration

The majority of single men do not (yet) wear a mustache. The men (19%) who already have a mustache do so because they think it looks nice and cool. Singles with mustaches know exactly what their mustache requires of them: more than half of singles groom their mustache themselves, and it usually takes about one to five minutes. The man with the mustache experiences no hindrance from their upper lip decoration during their search for the one. For him, ‘mustache’ has no influence on whether he finds a nice date or not.

Unexpected mustache is welcome

That having a mustache has no influence on the date is evident from’s research. When asked what single women would think if a man showed up with a mustache on a first date, but he doesn’t have a mustache in his profile picture, the majority said they don’t mind. The ‘naughty moustaches’ get away with just a funny comment from their female date.

This survey was conducted on behalf of among 4,881 Dutch singles aged 18 and over and is representative by gender.

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