Tessel Middag: ‘Ban crypto companies from sports’

The former international of the Orange Lionesses Tessel Middag has, in an opinion piece, hit out at sports clubs that joined forces with crypto companies. In an opinion piece in de Volkskrant, she, together with Frank Huisingh and Roy Blokvoort, calls for crypto companies to be treated in the same way as gambling companies.

In an opinion piece in the Volkskrant, Frank Huisingh and Roy Blokvoort suggest Fossil-free football, and 44 times international Tessel Dinner, that crypto companies must be treated in the same way as gambling companies and tobacco companies. The three write that football clubs should not choose partners that ruin the lives of young fans. They hope that more will be looked at than simply banning gambling companies in the world of sports.

Half of the Eredivisie clubs in the sea with crypto partner

Nine of the eighteen clubs from the Eredivisie partnered with a crypto company, some of which are still in partnership.

FC Groningen was one of the first Dutch clubs to enter the world of cryptocurrency, but it did not work out well. That The pride of the Nordics teamed up with IQONIQ to develop an app for FC Groningen supporters. In the end, the company turned out to be about crypto-coins and the app never materialized. FC Groningen lost several tens of thousands of euros when IQONIQ went bankrupt.

Association Crypto company Association Crypto company
Ajax Blox PSV Anycoin Direct
AZ Bitcoin champion Sparta Crack
FC Emmen SocialBlox Velocity eToro
Fortuna Sittard Chiliz/Socios.com FC Groningen IQONIQ
NEC Blox FC Twente Floki

Ajax, PSV and AZ are clubs that still have agreements with crypto companies, criticizing the authors of the statement. According to them, cooperation with crypto companies does not fit in with the good work Dutch football does for the youth.

The Dutch Football Association also has a crypto company as a sponsor. Bitvavo is one of the six ‘Partners of Football’ and, according to the football association’s website, is a ‘strong A-brand’ that stands for quality, just like the other partners.

The other parties with which the KNVB has a partnership are ING, Nike, KPN, Albert Heijn and the Dutch lottery.

Naive to only look at gaming companies

The authors of the work call it naive to think that young people only take financial risks by putting ‘one here and two there’, referring to the King TOTO commercials. They are positive about the decision to ban gaming ads from the media landscape, but hope that they will now look further:

“If those same young people are then tempted to ‘invest’ in crypto, you help them out of the rain.”

Frank Huisingh, Roy Blokvoort, Tessel Afternoon in the Volkskrant

They point out the financial risks associated with investing in cryptocurrency.

The value of the digital coins is based on speculation and in the world of crypto fraud or scams are more common. For example, former Ajax director Marc Overmars was involved in the cryptocurrency Xpose Protocol as an advisor. The former international attached his name to the crypto coin that ended up costing many people, especially young people, a lot of money.

In addition to the dark sides of investing and crypto, the authors of the op-ed are also critical of crypto for its impact on the environment. According to the authors, cryptocurrency will account for 0.4 to 0.9 percent of total global electricity consumption.

Finally, they are calling for sponsorship from crypto companies to be completely restricted and hope that the Football Association will lead the way. Also because the crypto market is now in a significant crisis. Due to the collapse of the widely used crypto platform FTX, many people lose their invested money, and the question is whether they will ever see that money again, write Huisingh, Blokvoort and Middag.

Lead photo Tessa Middag via Rico Brouwer/Soccrates.

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