The 3 best dating sites for seniors

More and more singles aged 50 and older are searching online for a date or a new relationship. Online dating is not only an accessible and fun way for young people to meet new people.

Men and women over 50 can also meet new people with an online dating site in a safe and relaxed way, not only for a nice friendship but also for a date. It often results in a new start in the form of a lasting relationship. In fact, according to Statistics Netherlands, no less than a third of new relationships between senior citizens now originate via the Internet.

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Which dating sites are suitable for seniors?

Anyone over 50 who is looking for a date on a regular dating site like, and often notices that as an older man or woman you are quickly snowballed. Therefore, it is often a better idea to sign up for a dating site especially for the over 50s. We have made a selection of the best senior dating sites in the Netherlands below so that everyone can easily choose the best dating site that suits them.

1. – Safe and secure dating

One of the most well-known dating sites for the elderly is the website This all-Dutch dating site tries to make dating for seniors as easy and fun as possible. Safe dating is paramount, which is why new profiles are always checked manually by an employee. Anyone who likes the idea can also be completely anonymous on the website without compromising the number of valuable matches.

At there is a very good ratio between the number of male and female members. Unlike many other dating sites, the percentage is even slightly in favor of men. They are a bit in the minority and therefore have a slightly better chance of a nice date. Anyone who nevertheless finds it difficult to find a suitable match can always contact one of the dating consultants for advice.

No fewer than 1 in 3 members between the ages of 45 and 65 find a new love via this contact page for the elderly. As a result, there are many fun and inspiring success stories on the website for you to browse through. Here, members of different ages tell how they found a great friendship, date or relationship on Always fun to read through!

2. – Dating for active seniors

Dating site focuses on active over 50s from the Netherlands who are looking for a serious relationship. Every day, an average of 100 new men and women find their way to this dating site for seniors, looking for friendship, a nice date or a lasting relationship.

Immediately after registration on, each new member will have access to their own digital mailbox. This allows you to receive unlimited messages from other members who are interested in a date. Nice reactions can also be sent to interesting candidates immediately. A good help is the comprehensive match system, which automatically links interesting profiles based on shared interests, education level and location. You can also search for date profiles completely independently via the search engine.

Fights and reactions are not limited to the member base itself. There is also a direct link to dating profiles from some affiliated senior dating networks. This immediately increases the chance of finding a date or relationship.

Dating on is completely safe because the dating profiles are only visible to logged in members. In addition, a secure connection is always used. is therefore an excellent choice for any older man or woman who wants to look for a new relationship anonymously and safely.

3. – Much more than just dating

At, dating is much more than just matching and chatting. Anyone 50 and over can connect with other people over 50 in a fun and versatile way for new social contacts, friendship, dates or a relationship. Several fun features unique to this popular website are immediately available to everyone. They can not only be reached via the website, but also using the handy dating app for smartphones and tablets.

This is therefore not limited to searching for suitable profiles and exchanging messages. On, members can also use a common activity agenda and discuss all sorts of topics with each other Things2Share platform. In addition, there is also plenty of space for relaxation, for example members can play the online quiz together and create fun new connections with other seniors.

At you can always date with peace of mind. This starts with the secure connection that is present for every page on the site. In addition, new profiles are continuously checked for authenticity, so malicious people don’t have a chance. As a result, is mainly about having fun while dating and making contact with other over 50s as casual as possible.

Why is dating so popular among the elderly?

From a certain age it is increasingly difficult to get to know new people in everyday life. This makes it increasingly difficult to find a new love. This applies not only to single people over the age of 50, but also to seniors who have become single due to divorce or the death of their partner. It is at such times that many people really realize how much the number of social contacts in their lives has decreased over time.

Dating sites for seniors offer a great solution to this because they also allow older people to meet other men and women with similar interests at their own pace. It doesn’t have to be directly for a new relationship, because senior dating can also be used to find people with similar interests. In this way, the number of valuable social contacts can be expanded in a fun way, also at an older age. But the main reason for online dating is still for over 50s to find new love.

Online dating is of course also popular among seniors because it simply works really well. With so many new relationships popping up online, online senior dating has proven its own success for years. This is largely due to the over 50s themselves. They often know exactly what they find important in life and what they are willing to make concessions for, what they themselves have to offer a man or woman and of course what they are looking for in the other. This enables them to correctly assess any matches and very quickly select a suitable candidate.

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