Top 3 dating apps to find love

Are you looking for true love? You can of course do that online. Here are the 3 best dating apps in the Netherlands to find a serious relationship.

In the early days of the Internet, there was a stigma attached to online dating. Whoever was looking for love on the dating sites was a nerd, too ugly or unable to find someone the normal way. Instead of meeting someone at the cafe or being matched by colleagues, these singles chose to rely on a computer to be matched with a partner.

After all, it’s shocking to hear that someone met the love of their life while walking in the park. Anyone who hears this at a birthday party these days thinks it’s a made-up version of a typical Tinder encounter. We have even reached the point where love at first sight has given way to love at a thousand glances.

True love?

Everyone knows about Tinder and the hookup culture of these swiping apps, but what if you’re looking for true love? These are the dating apps you should try if you don’t want a one-night stand but are looking for a serious relationship.

1. The relationship plane

Relatieplanet was founded in 2002 and has built a solid reputation as a dating site for serious singles. It is not for nothing that the name is known to everyone in the Netherlands. It’s been the place to be for years if you want a steady relationship and not a one-night stand. Originally developed as a traditional dating site when it emerged in the early years of the internet, Relatieplanet is now also available as an app.

What sets Relatieplanet apart from the apps where you can swipe is that it focuses exclusively on meaningful contacts. Not hundreds of swipes per hour, but only a few contacts per day. The attention per contact is higher, as is the chance of finding love. Where Tinder is known for the importance of the profile picture, Relationship Planet is about more than just the pictures. If finding love is your goal, Relationship Planet will not disappoint you.

Lex app

2. Lexa

As one of the established dating sites, Lexa has remained unchanged since it was founded in 2000. The dating site has been updated several times, a handy app has been added, but Lexa’s operation has always been the same. While swipe apps like Tinder focus on quick ratings and random hookups, Lexa takes things a little more seriously.

What many people don’t know is that Lexa has been matching people for nearly two decades using a simple method. You create your profile, fill in your details, add some nice photos and you are free to search for members in your area. You don’t have to swipe to contact someone; you can simply send a message whenever you want or chat with Lexa Messenger.

Elite dating app

3. Elite Dating

Don’t let the name of this dating site fool you. To become a member of Elitedating, you do not need to belong to the richest percent of the Netherlands. What is required is that you can spend some time completing the questionnaire. The foundation of Elite Dating is a personality test, the results of which determine the matches you will be introduced to. This in-depth approach makes it possible to distinguish Elitedating’s app from swiping apps like Tinder.

The personality test can be a bit long-winded, but there’s a reason for that. Based on the information you provide about yourself, Elitedating can give you insight into your own personality, but also show you how well you fit with another single on the dating site. For example, the similarities are highlighted when you browse the profiles. Elitedating is a suitable dating site for those looking for meaningful contacts and matches that look beyond looks.

dating app

The switch to dating apps

The first dating sites for serious relationships were developed at the end of the last century. Relation Planet, Lexa and others have participated since the beginning of this century. As time passed and the Internet became established among Dutch households, the view of online dating also changed.

Mail order companies like Neckermann and Wehkamp switched to the web, and video stores made way for Netflix. As everyone spent more and more time on the Internet, it was inevitable that this was accompanied by new contacts.

Not only the times are changing, but also the way people get to know each other. The 3 best dating apps to find love can help you start your search for true love today.

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