BYD India Unveils Its Luxury Electric Sedan BYD Seal and Launches BYD ATTO 3 Limited Edition at Auto Expo 2023

BYD, the world’s leading manufacturer of new energy vehicles (NEV), presented its new luxury model BYD Seal and the limited edition BYD ATTO 3 in the iconic Forest Green color at the Indian Auto Expo 2023. BYD Seal sales in China have crossed 50,000 within 5 months, is expected to be launched in India in Q4 2023. With the all-new e6 and BYD ATTO 3 already available in the local market, the BYD Seal will be the third electric passenger car to be released in India within two years.

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Speech by Sanjay Gopalakrishnan, Senior Vice President of Electric Passenger Vehicles, BYD India (Photo: Business Wire)

At Auto Expo 2023, BYD’s exhibition space is divided into 4 zones, which not only showcase current and new vehicle products, but also technological innovations that significantly improve vehicle performance and safety. These newly unveiled products and innovation displays reflect the India-specific theme of the convention: Technological Innovations for a Better Life.


The BYD Seal is one of BYD’s latest luxury sedans equipped with the acclaimed EV platform (e-Platform 3.0) and the revolutionary ultra-safe Blade Battery. It is also the first vehicle to feature cell-to-body (CTB) technology, which significantly improves vehicle safety, stability and handling, resulting in improved overall vehicle performance.

The BYD seal supported by CTB withstands the 50-ton truck roll test. Due to the integration of battery and body, the torsional stiffness of the entire vehicle is doubled to over 40,500 Nm/°. The safety of the vehicle’s internal structure is increased by 50% in frontal collisions and by 45% in side collisions. Since the CTB technology enables the BYD Seal to have an ideal 50:50 axle load distribution, the vehicle passed the moose test with a record speed of 83.5 km/h. With its low-slung design, the drag coefficient reached only 0.219 cd, enabling the BYD Seal to reach 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds. The model also has an extremely long range of up to 700 km on a single charge, which reduces the range of electric cars.

BYD ATTO 3 Limited Edition

During the event, the limited edition BYD ATTO 3 in the exclusive Forest Green color also uses e-Platform 3.0 and the ultra-safe Blade Battery. Only 1,200 copies of this limited edition are available in India for Rs. 34.49 lakh (ex-showroom).

BYD ATTO 3, with a NEDC certified range of 480 km and ARAI test range of 521 km, was launched in India in November 2022 at Rs. 33.99 lakh and it has accumulated 1,500 bookings so far thanks to its good customer appeal. BYD ATTO 3 has been awarded a five-star safety rating by Euro NCAP, Europe’s leading independent safety assessment programme. The e-SUV has an 8-year or 1.6 lakh kilometer warranty (whichever comes first) for the battery and a corresponding 8-year or 1.5 lakh kilometer warranty for the engine and motor controller. In addition, BYD offers a basic warranty of 6 years or 1.5 lakh kilometers.

Sanjay Gopalakrishnan, Senior Vice President Electric Passenger Vehicles of BYD India, said, “The Indian Auto Show is an extremely important platform for us and we are delighted to showcase our products and technologies through our technological innovations for the better with the unveiling of the BYD Seal electric luxury sedan, the launch of the limited edition BYD ATTO 3 and the display of the Blade Battery and e-Platform 3.0, we confirm our commitment to contribute to the growth of the Indian electric vehicle segment with EV technologies.”

Within a year, BYD has expanded its network to 24 showrooms in 21 cities in India and will double its presence to 53 showrooms by 2023. “Next year, we plan to sell 15,000 units of BYD ATTO 3 and all-new e6, with a long vision to capture 40% of the Indian power market by 2030. Bookings for BYD ATTO 3 are encouraging and we are all set to start first deliveries from January 2023,” added Mr. Gopalakrishnan.

By 2022, BYD’s total passenger car sales will exceed 1.86 million units, an increase of 155.1% year-on-year. To date, BYD has sold more than 3.37 million new energy vehicles. With its growing global presence, BYD is moving towards its “Cool the Earth by 1°C” initiative.

About BYD

BYD is a multinational high-tech company dedicated to harnessing technological innovations for a better life. BYD was founded in 1995 as a manufacturer of rechargeable batteries and now has a broad business area spanning the automotive industry, rail transport, new energy and electronics. It has more than 30 industrial parks in China, the United States, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Hungary and India. BYD is committed to providing zero-emission energy solutions, from power generation and storage to its applications, to reduce global dependence on fossil fuels. The company’s new energy vehicles now span six continents, more than 70 countries and regions, and more than 400 cities. The company is listed on the stock exchanges in Hong Kong and Shenzhen and is recognized as a Fortune Global 500 company that brings innovations to a greener world.

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About BYD Auto

Founded in 2003, BYD Auto is the automotive subsidiary of BYD, a multinational high-tech company dedicated to harnessing technological innovations for a better life. To accelerate the green transition in the global transportation industry, BYD Auto is focusing on the development of fully electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. The company masters the core technologies of the entire industrial chain of new energy vehicles, such as batteries, electric motors, electronic controllers and automotive semiconductors. In recent years, the company has made significant technological advances, including the Blade Battery, DM-i and DM-p hybrid technology, e-Platform 3.0 and CTB technology. The company is the world’s first car manufacturer to stop producing fossil fuel vehicles during the transition to electric vehicles and has topped the sales of new energy passenger cars in China for 9 consecutive years.

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