Crypto jobs – How to find cryptocurrency jobs?

Work in crypto, for one a dream, for the other reality. The crypto world is still an unknown area for many, but the jobs are still there to be had. Almost everyone dreams of a life as a digital nomad. Not only more freedom, but also financial freedom. Recognizable? Then this might be the solution for you. Working in the crypto world, learning more about new developments every day and of course also seeing it as one of the first investment opportunities. We look at in this article what types of crypto jobs exist and where you can apply immediately. Are you reading along?

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Different types of crypto jobs

Are you busy with crypto every second of the day? Are you convinced that crypto is the future and do you also want to be a part of this revolution? Then there are more crypto jobs. With the further development of blockchain technology, Web3, NFTs, metaverse and blockchain games, crypto jobs are on the rise. Numerous national and international innovative companies are looking for crypto experts.

No idea how to get started? We look at the types of crypto jobs:

crypto developer

The building block of any crypto project is of course its development. Do you have experience with coding or maybe even with smart contracts? Then the world is looking for you! To be developers responsible for building and maintaining various types of software. Not just the fundamentals and tokenomics, but also working with various decentralized applications (dApps) such as cross-chain bridges, interoperability, building wallets, etc.. Everything that is necessary for a project to succeed.

The success rate of a crypto project is therefore highly dependent on a crypto developer. Both existing crypto protocols and new projects are therefore looking for crypto developers or developers who want to delve into the world of crypto and blockchain.

Crypto game developers

In a digital world, design is of course indispensable. Crypto projects with tokenomics need few images, but when talking about NFTs and metaverse and blockchain games, quality images are indispensable. Good images and 3D renderings can set you apart in the ranks. There are only a handful of good game developers. It is not for nothing that all gaming companies are looking for the right person.

The metaverse is not just a digital world where the possibilities are endless. No, it is important that this world also becomes a reflection of our new society. Because of this it is It is important that images and videos load quickly, but also that the quality of these images is at a high level. After all, no one wants to enter a metaverse when they have to wait a long time, or only see poorly rendered images, right?

Do you have experience as a game developer and do you also know how the play-to-earn mechanism works and do you know how to integrate it? Then the hunt is on for you as a professional.

Crypto marketer

What is a crypto project without good marketing? After all, you want the whole world to know why your protocol is going to make a difference in the world of crypto, blockchain, NFT or Web3. Not only does a crypto marketer raise brand awareness, create a community, and develop a content strategy, but he or she also has an important role in partnering with other companies or projects.

Trust is essential for the construction and further growth of a crypto project. It is therefore the task of a crypto marketer to gain the trust of the community. Are you looking for a crypto job and do you have experience in marketing? Then you can just turn to different projects.

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crypto designer

A crypto designer is responsible for that designing visuals for a crypto or blockchain company. This could mean, for example, designing logos and branding for a project, designing user interfaces for cryptocurrency wallets or blockchain applications, or designing marketing materials such as flyers and social media graphics.

Cryptocurrency designers often work with other members of the development team, such as developers and product managers, to ensure that the design aligns with the technical requirements of the project and company goals.

The goal of a cryptocurrency designer is to create attractive and functional designs that help raise awareness of a project and help users navigate and use the project with ease.

NFT designer

In a digital world, design is of course indispensable. Crypto projects with tokenomics need few pictures, but when we talk about NFTs, metaverse and blockchain games. Then qualitative visuals are indispensable. Good images and 3D renderings can set you apart in the ranks. The value of NFTs is speculative and depends on the principle of supply and demand. But how can you excel with an NFT project? Analysts first look at the design. Do you have poorly designed NFTs? Does your design look like a little time and effort went into it? Then you have significantly less chance than projects with impressive images and graphics.

But there are other crypto jobs that require designers:

  • UX/UI designer
  • User researcher
  • Visual designer
  • Creative director
  • Product designer

Crypto copywriter

Crypto and blockchain is a complex matter. Not only is technical knowledge and experience necessary, but you must too know how to convey this information in a clear and straightforward manner. The goal? To appeal to the largest possible audience who all understand what you do. Whether it’s layer 2 solutions, cross-chain bridges or using MetaMask. As a cryptotext writer, you provide a clear story so that young and old, experienced and inexperienced, all understand the content of your text.

What kind of texts does a crypto-text writer write?

  • Blog articles
  • Newsletters
  • Social Media
  • White papers
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crypto trader

Do you know better than anyone how technical analysis works? Do you know all the indicators to make a good prediction? Then you might have a future as a crypto trader. Everyone wants to make money trading crypto, but did you know that few crypto traders are successful?

Trading crypto takes a lot of time and practice. It is not for nothing that there are several trading groups that share signals. And I don’t mean from amateurs, but from real traders. We at AllesOverCrypto also regularly share signals from our own trading expert Joël. Even in our free community!

Not everyone has the time (and patience) to learn how to trade. Because again: it requires a lot of time, energy, persistence and learning. Are you a profitable trader? Offer your services and get paid for it. People want to pay handsomely to trade, without having the knowledge themselves. This is why profitable crypto traders are few and far between!

Crypto lawyer

Perhaps not so obvious crypto jobs, but there is a growing demand for a crypto lawyer. With increasing regulation and the development of CBDCs, investors want more legal information. Because What about taxes and fraud? And what are the rules regarding crypto?

A crypto attorney is responsible for helping both businesses and individuals navigate complex laws and regulations for crypto and blockchain. This may mean drafting contracts for the sale and purchase of cryptocurrency or advising companies on how to comply with laws and regulations that apply to cryptocurrency and blockchain. But also problems that arise during transactions. Who is responsible during such a failure? What are the options, is a claim possible, etc.?

Crypto lawyers often work with other members of the company, such as developers and financial experts, to ensure that the company’s operations comply with applicable laws and regulations. They are also responsible for that keep up to date with the latest changes in laws and regulations and how this may affect the business.

The laws and regulations surrounding cryptocurrency and blockchain are still subject to change and are often complex. So the role of a crypto lawyer is of great importance! By ensuring that a company complies with laws and regulations, crypto lawyers can help prevent conflicts and protect the company from legal problems.

Where can you find a crypto job?

The selection is huge. Want a job in crypto? Then use your experience and specialty to make the transition to this new digital world. From marketing to lawyering, the crypto world needs you. But where can you find these crypto jobs?

We have made a short list where you can find your next crypto job:

There already exists several sites with hundreds if not thousands of crypto jobs. Search for your specialty and apply immediately. And oh yes, have you always dreamed of a job where you can work from anywhere? Then I have good news. Many crypto jobs are remote. But there are also many more crypto jobs available nationally than you might think:

LinkedIn is full of job vacancies. Navigate to ‘vacancies’ and search for ‘cryptocurrency’. Currently you get 244 crypto jobs in the Netherlands for this. This ranges from developers, to Head of Content to employees to customer service and yes, even crypto traders.


Have you searched for crypto jobs before? Then you saw different jobs come by from stock exchanges. For example, Binance is massively looking for the right people to join their team. Not only in America or Singapore, but also in our little frog country, Binance is recruiting. Are you Flemish? Yes, Binance is also looking for talent in Flanders.

Everything About Crypto

The attentive reader also saw our own website. We at AllesOverCrypto are also always looking for new talent. Do you have experience in one of the above crypto jobs and are you a real addition to our team? Tell us and surprise us. Who knows, maybe we’ll welcome you to our AOC family.


So reason enough to act. Do you want to be the pioneer of the future and contribute to the development of crypto and blockchain? Use your knowledge and experience and apply for one of the many jobs. And that these jobs are almost all remote? Then of course it’s also nice. Do you want a job on the largest education platform in BeNeLux? So apply to us and maybe we will meet somewhere in this world, because yes, we are all apart too!

Looking for more information or have questions about Kaspa or other crypto topics? Or would you like to meet other crypto enthusiasts? In it free community of our product Money Mastery from AllesOverCrypto you can ask questions and talk to thousands of other crypto enthusiasts. Have other crypto-related questions? The easiest thing is to enter your question our FAQ to look up. What you can also do is that you google your question + AllesOverCrypto. Please let us know what you think about this article.

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