The Best Altcoins to Buy Today January 13th

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In the past 24 hours, the cryptocurrency market has risen 3% to a total of $922 billion as investors await the new US inflation data. Cryptocurrencies are up 7.5% in the past week and 3.5% in the past month. It looks like the 2022 bear market is turning into a bullish start to the new year.

The market has generally been up, but there are some altcoins that have done quite well. In this article, we take a look at the best altcoins to buy today, January 13, including some new cryptocurrencies available for pre-sale.

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

The Meta Masters Guild started the presale of their MEMAG token this week and has already raised $127,000 in that time, which means there is a lot of interest in the new crypto gaming platform. Meta Masters Guild focuses on mobile crypto games, such as Meta Kart Racers, which is expected to go live in the second quarter of this year.

The project wants to go further than just developing play-to-earn games, with crypto games it is important that the game is actually fun to play and not just a way to make money. Therefore, the Meta Masters Guild will focus on making Play-and-Earn games.

The presale will consist of seven phases, and in the current – first – phase, you can buy MEMAG for $0.007 each. This price is expected to increase by 42% next week and eventually it will increase by 228% to $0.023 in the seventh phase.

To buy MEMAG, go to the Meta Masters Guild website and connect your Wallet Connect or MetaMask wallet. Then you can buy MEMAG with ETH or USDT.

Avalanche (AVAX)

After announcing that Avalanche will partner with Amazon Web Services, AVAX is up 22% in the past 24 hours to $15.20. For example, it has increased by 25% in the week, by 35% in the 2 weeks and by 17% in the month.

AVAX/USD Chart - Source: TradingView
AVAX/USDT price chart – Source: TradingView

The AVAX price chart indicates higher momentum and more room to rise further. His purple Relative Strength Index (RSI) has risen above 70, indicating higher momentum, and his red 30-day moving average is on track to rise above the blue 200-day moving average.

Although AVAX remains undervalued and has yet to rise to its “true” value, it has risen so much in the last 24 hours since Avalanche announced its partnership with Amazon Web Services. AWS will use the Avalanche protocol to develop blockchain solutions for businesses and governments.

For Avalanche, this is a good sign as AVAX could rise further if its blockchain continues to be used.

Fight Out (FGHT)

Fight Out (FGHT) is a platform that aims to improve the move-to-earn concept by combining physical exercises with Web3 and the metaverse. Fight Out’s app will track exercises like boxing, yoga and weightlifting and reward the user for doing so. The platform will also offer training via the app and in its own gyms.

Its FGHT token presale started in December and has already raised 2.88 million. The token is selling for $0.0166 each before doubling to $0.0333, plus you can get up to 50% extra tokens for a limited time if you buy FGHT now. The presale is expected to end in the second quarter, when it will be listed on stock exchanges and the app will go live.

Near Protocol (NEAR)

NEAR is up 11% in the last 24 hours to $1.78. In the last week it has increased 15%, in 2 weeks it has increased 35% and in the month it has increased 10%.

NEAR/USDT price chart - Source: TradingView
NEAR/USDT rate chart – Source: TradingView

Like AVAX, the NEAR price chart indicates that it has more momentum and more room to rise. NEAR can therefore rise today and in the coming days if we look at the technical indicators.

NEAR is increasing due to the organic growth of Near Protocol and its evolution. Including the upgrades to its wallet and the launch of new ones DApps and integrations.

With such gradual growth, Near can expand further as the platform already has a Total Value Locked of approximately $77 million. For a new protocol, this is very impressive and shows that NEAR can become an important aid this year.

C+Charge (CCHG)

C+Charge (CCHG) is a new peer-to-peer system on the Binance chain to pay for charging electric cars. The platform plans to use blockchain to accelerate the adoption of electric cars by offering drivers carbon credits to charge their electric car.

The CCHG token can be used to pay for a fee through the network.

When you charge your electric car via the network, C+Charge rewards you with NFT carbon credits.

The platform has made agreements with Flow carbon and with Perfect Solutions Turkey, which will add 20% of its charging points to the network. The CCHG token is available in pre-sale for $0.013 each before increasing to $0.0165 in the next phase.

Flow (FLOW)

FLOW is up 5% in the past 24 hours to $0.829530 and is up 13% for the week. In the past 30 days, it has fallen 13%.

FLOW/USDT rate chart - Source: TradingView
FLOW/USDT rate chart – Source: TradingView

The FLOW price chart shows that a big rally could be on the way, especially due to the low RSI at the end of 2022. The 30-day moving average is well below the 200-day moving average, which means that the rise on could continue. even longer today.

Following the announcement that Flow has partnered with Crypto Slam, the first multi-chain NFT data aggregator, the altcoin has surged. With this partnership, Flow expects to improve its apps, provide better customer service and look forward to new future collaborations.

In addition, Flow is improving its consensus algorithm to make it more stable, making its blockchain more reliable and easy to use.

With these points, the developers show that Flow is an interesting layer-1 blockchain to watch, especially because of its focus on sustainability and Web3.

Calvary (RIA)

Calvaria is a game to earn battle card game that has reached the final stage of its presale and has raised $2.7 million. For example, only 11% of RIA tokens are still available. The token will soon be listed on exchanges such as LBANK and BKEX.

The Calvaria crypto game will be playable on PC and mobile devices and is free to play without a crypto wallet. With this free version of the game, it is more interesting for players who have nothing to do with the crypto world, so it can be played by more people.

Set in a mythical world, the game is expected to go live in the second quarter of 2023. It will use animated 3D characters that players can upgrade and deploy in battle against others.

Axi Infinity (AXS)

AXS is up 6% in the past 24 hours to $7.75, up 15% for the week and 0.2% over the past 30 days.

AXS/USDT price chart - Source: TradingView
AXS/USDT price chart – Source: TradingView

The AXS price is down 95% from its all-time high of $164.90 in November 2021 and has the potential to recover a lot, even though Axie Infinity’s play has dropped a lot in popularity.

Despite its declining user base and the March 2022 Ronin bridge hack, developer Sky Mavis has made some moves to improve the game.

Including the launch of Axie Infinity: Homeland in December, with a new farm-themed gameplay expansion. It also launched Axie Infinity: Origins Season 2, which went live this week and expects to get several hours of gameplay from users.

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Dash 2 Trade’s D2T token was recently listed on the exchanges and the crypto trading platform expects to go live at the end of this quarter. The innovative dashboard will provide investors with analytics and crypto trading information. In this way, investors have everything they need to optimize their trading strategies.

The Dash 2 Trade presale has raised over $15 million and the token is available on, BitMart, Changelly Pro and LBANK.

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