This Metaverse Crypto is the new The Sandbox and GALA Games

The metaverse, described by Wikipedia as “the sum of all virtual places”, has recently gained attention as an important part of the future of the Internet. Large technology companies and banks are investing heavily in this sector. Some experts even predict that the metaverse will have a future value of $13 trillion by 2030.

However, there are also skeptics who believe that the hype surrounding the metaverse is premature. According to them, developers have yet to create tangible products that are massively adopted by users.

Enter RobotEra: A Metaverse Building 3D Game World

One project making such a tangible product in the metaverse sector is RobotEra. This Web3 metaverse game takes place on a planet called Taro, a world destroyed by an apocalyptic event.

Players will be able to create and customize robots. They will also be able to shape the environment, including the buildings and landscapes, all while working to rebuild the world with its user-friendly interface. Players will also be able to monetize their gameplay by renting out space for advertising and organizing events that have an entrance fee.

The development team behind RobotEra is led by CEO Jason Chan, a true entrepreneur and experienced investor in blockchain and the Internet, who is responsible for the operation, marketing, investment and business development of the project.

COO, Alex Wong, oversees all aspects of RobotEra’s global market operation. CTO Slimane Lee specializes in blockchain and decentralized technology and is responsible for developing the game’s game engine and blockchain template.

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A new kind of metaverse building economy

In RobotEra, players will be able to explore a metaverse that will effortlessly incorporate elements of virtual and augmented reality, creating a high-tech and immersive experience. The developers of the game have designed the game to be accessible to a large audience. This makes the game different from other projects in the metaverse market, where you quickly need technical knowledge to create elements in the game.

An important feature of the game is the use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which players can use to acquire land and construct buildings and other essential facilities for a thriving game economy.

Players will also be able to earn and harvest TARO – the game’s currency. They will also be able to build games in special zones in the country.

While exploring the virtual world, players will have endless opportunities to earn rewards while socializing with other users. Their progress is not lost when they leave the game. All progress will be saved for easy access when you log in again. This gives players a continuous experience as they upgrade their robot, build bases and sculpt landscapes.

A metaverse beyond the sandbox

An important part of the RobotEra experience is the TARO cryptocurrency, which will act as fuel for the economy. Players can use TARO to acquire land in the metaverse, buy robot NFTs, or engage in other in-game financial activities. Additionally, by staking their tokens, users will be able to earn additional rewards.

RobotEra’s TARO token differs from other digital currencies in that it creates a play-to-earn (P2E) economy similar to metaverse games like The Sandbox. However, RobotEra offers more depth and simplifies item creation. This results in the potential to build a comprehensive economic ecosystem that far surpasses that of other games.

RobotEra Presale starts

The development of RobotEra has generated a great deal of enthusiasm and investment. THE TARO token presale has already raised over $706k. The team is already dedicated to creating the platform, increasing community participation and getting ready for the launch of the metaverse building world.

RobotEra brings a new way for players to not only explore and play in an engaging metaverse, but also gain real-world value through their actions and contributions to the game’s economy.

RobotEra will be a new form of digital economy built on blockchain technology, giving players real control over their virtual properties. An opportunity to invest in metaverse building worlds is also possible because of this.

Despite criticism from skeptics, blockchain technology continues to be adopted and developed – even in this bear market. Companies like RobotEra are paving the way for a new kind of online experience by creating user-friendly technology and tools that will lower barriers to entry.

RobotEra’s metaverse building game combined with an exciting 3D NFT trading marketplace promises an innovative digital economy to explore when the game launches

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