Preparatory work with noise screens in full swing

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Bergschenhoek – The preparatory work for the noise screens along the N209 near Bergschenhoek is in full swing. Contractor Strukton has worked with the preparations in the past period. In the spring or early summer of 2023, work will start to install noise screens along the N209 near Bergschenhoek. The busy N209 causes a lot of noise nuisance in surrounding homes. The noise level must ensure that the local residents are quickly less bothered by traffic noise. The current noise on the facade has been measured by DGMR and compared with the expected noise when the screen is in place. It is a significant improvement.

Cables and pipes have been moved. The prestressing has also been applied to the route of the new cycle path. The preload consists of placing a total of 1,940 BigBags with 1,500 kilos of sand in each bag. This technique ensures that the water is squeezed out of the top layer of the subsoil and the soil settles. In this way, the subsoil has sufficient bearing capacity to be able to build the cycle path. This pre-tax period is expected to last around six months. As soon as a sufficient settlement has been achieved, the work of installing the noise screens begins. The screen will be a total of 1.3 kilometers long. The cycle path along the N209 is also partially moved to make room for the noise wall. The noise barrier will be placed along the N209 on the side of the Europasingel. The screen starts at Wolfend and continues to Hoedemakerlaan. Various openings have been made in the screen, which act as an escape route. Bushes and trees have been removed along part of this length to install the noise barrier. The removed green is replaced by new green. The architecture firm’s landscape architect has drawn up a green plan for the purpose. The houses will be easily accessible during the work. It is recommended to use the bike as much as possible. When the new cycle path is built and the final pavement is laid, the houses will not be accessible by car for a while. It will be announced in advance.

Other noise shields N209
It required a lot of effort to place the noise screens along the N209. The beginning of the discussion goes back more than ten years. Former councilor Henk de Paepe from Leefbaar 3B started it in 2011. A few years ago this was taken up again by councilor Simon Fortuyn. In the end it was decided that the sound barriers should be installed in Bergschenhoek and Bleiswijk, but Kruisweg was not included. Finally, good and clear consultation between the municipality of Lansingerland and the province of South Holland has led to the noise screens at Kruisweg now being in place. In close cooperation with the residents of the Kruisweg village, noise barriers along the Kruisweg have been designed. This was installed in the summer of 2019. Residents have questions about noise barriers at Bleiswijk. Things are a little more complicated for the noise barriers in Bleiswijk. The college has been in negotiations with the province about the location for some time. However, this requires more time and effort. The college must deal with various stakeholders. According to the councillor, the screens will be a little further from the road. This means a smaller stream at Zeeheldenbuurt in Bleiswijk. Part of a park will be removed and the noise screens will be partially placed on private property. Lansingerland municipality is working on a preliminary project for a noise barrier near Bleiswijk. When this design is ready, the municipality will hand it over to the province of South Holland. When exactly that will happen is not yet clear. Contractor Strukton was selected in May 2022 to carry out the work. In September 2022, the contractor began the first work on moving the cycle path. The first work will be completed in mid-December. There will be no work for the next six months. In the spring of 2023, work will start on the construction of the noise barrier and the new cycle path. The work is expected to be completed by the end of 2023.

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