Students of Curio Prinsentuin Andel also submit their petition to the House of Representatives committee

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REGION • Indy, Wessel and Line of Curio Princes Garden Share delivered the ‘Keep Curio Princes Garden Share available’ petition to the House of Representatives Committee on Infrastructure and Water Management on Tuesday afternoon, December 20. They were here at the request of the Danish Parliament’s committee. The petition against the cancellation of the student lines for the Curio VMBO school in Andel has now been signed almost 3,000 times. SP, BBB and D66 have already asked parliamentary questions about the issue.

The province of North Brabant is working on a new tender for public transport between 2025 and 2035. In the current draft requirements programme, a large part of the school lines for Curio Prinsentuin Andel will be scrapped.

Crucial to a well-educated workforce
Curio Prinsentuin Andel wants to send a clear message with the petition. ‘Curio Prinsentuin Andel must remain available to all our (future) students. Each student should be able to choose the school that suits him or her. Not whether a school is available or not. Without school lines, 75 percent of students can no longer reach our school safely. And that has far-reaching consequences. Also for society. Because good preparatory vocational training is essential for a well-educated working population.

Also convince the minister and the state secretary
The House of Commons Committee for Infrastructure and Water Management regularly consults with the Minister and the Secretary of State for Infrastructure and Water Management. By presenting the petition to the Parliamentary committee, Curio Prinsentuin Andel also wants to convince them that it is a very bad idea to scrap the student lines for Andel. Organizations such as the VO council, ZLTO and municipalities, including Altena municipality, are already of that opinion. They have signed the petition.

Appropriate teaching in a safe learning environment
In addition to Indy, Wessel and Line, Rob Neutelings, chairman of Curio’s executive board, Harrie Weijtens and Monique aan den Boom, both head of education at Curio Prinsentuin Andel, also traveled to The Hague on Tuesday afternoon. “Curio Prinsentuin Andel gives students extra attention and guidance in their pre-school education. We offer them appropriate training in a safe learning environment. It’s more than just school. The school journey must also be safe for the students.”

Impressed by stories and motivation
Lisa van Ginneken (D66), Mahir Alkaya (SP) Caroline van der Plas (BBB) ​​have accepted the petition on behalf of the Parliamentary Committee on Infrastructure and Water Management. They had a short conversation with Indy, Wessel and Line. They were impressed by their stories and their motivation to keep the student lines to Andel. “The choice of good education should not depend on public transport.”

On December 7, students of Curio Prinsentuin Andel have already presented the petition to deputy Suzanne Otters. Eighty students and teachers then loudly announced that the idea of ​​the province of North Brabant is ‘stupid’, even unacceptable. “If that happens, the school might as well close its doors.”

The Provincial Council’s proposal adopted, but creates no obligations
Previously, nine parties in North Brabant’s provincial council submitted a proposal to maintain accessibility in West Brabant, including bus transport to Curio Prinsentuin Andel. The proposal has been adopted. However, the bus transport to the VMBO school has not yet been saved. The municipal board can implement a proposal in whole or in part, but can also ignore it. An adopted proposal therefore creates no (legal) obligations.

Next important date
Curio is therefore taking all necessary steps to get the province to waive the current draft requirements program. The education organization has now submitted its views to the province. It will become clear on January 31, 2023, whether the province has changed anything in the program. And the tender will start in April 2023. The new bus routes will come into force on 6 July 2025.

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