Theme day 20 January 2023 – North Brabant province

Daily schedule

See the provisional daily schedule. The meetings on the theme day on 20 January are open to the public and can be followed live via

Theme meetings

The theme day on 20 January will include the following theme meetings:

  • Theme Mobility
    Design Program of Krav concession West Brabant (judgmental)
    The Provincial Council issues an opinion on the draft requirements program for West Brabant, which is part of the tender process for the new concession in West Brabant.
  • Theme room
    Parliament proposal 71/22 wishes and reservations regarding the intention to create BV “Ontontwikkelingmaatschappij area development Fellenoord”, to provide general resources and to accept a reserve for living environment in the provincial budget (judgmental)
    The Provincial Council gives their opinion on the intention to enter into a cooperation agreement (SOK) with the municipality of Eindhoven and to establish a private limited company (BV) as a result. They also give their opinion on the provision of general funds and a living environment reserve in the provincial budget.
  • Theme Governance and Finance
    Provincial contribution to tackle undermining in North Brabant (judgmental)
    The provincial states reflect with each other and the deputy on the basis of a discussion note about the Brabant approach to undermining in the coming provincial administrative period and discuss the nature and scope of a possible follow-up approach.
  • Theme Mobility
    Brabant Vision of the Future Bicycle (BTF) (judgmental)
    The provincial council gives their opinion on the state announcement Het Brabants Toekomstbeeld Fiets, “More room for the bicycle”.
  • Theme room
    Design political frameworks Living & working (judgmental)
    The Provincial Council will issue an opinion on the draft housing and work policy framework with the aim of determining the final policy framework.
  • Theme Governance and Finance
    Management report IPO ‘Towards more determination’ (judgmental)
    Prior to the IPO’s general assembly on 7 March, the Provincial Council can give points of attention to the Brabant members of the AV-IPO about the report IPO ‘Towards more determination’.
  • Theme Energy
    Note on letter to the Norwegian Parliament Financing of regional network operators and response Enexis and shareholder committee (informative)
    The provincial councils will be informed about a possible participation of the national government in the regional network operators
  • Theme Space
    Future perspective ‘t Zoet Breda (informative)
    The Provincial Council will be informed of the results of the participation process that has been set up and the further completion of the future perspective for ‘t Zoet Breda.
  • Theme Governance and Finance
    State proposal 74/22 Initiative proposal PVV Noord-Brabant and Group Rutjens regarding “Role paragraph in the state’s documents” (judgmental)
    The Provincial Council gives their opinion on the initiative proposal as presented by the factions of the PVV and Groep Rutjens regarding the addition of a role paragraph in the documents of the Parliament.

See the documents from the thematic meetings.

An audio-video report is made of the theme meetings, which will later be combined with the theme meetings’ documents.


Do you want to talk to the members of parliament about a topic that is on the agenda? It is possible to speak. This can be done both physically and digitally via an e-mail, letter or video message to the provincial council.

You can contact Statengriffie at or 073-6812278 for this.

Digital participation contributions are placed on the website under ‘Contributions’ and with the theme meetings’ documents.

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