Is ArbiSmart (RBIS) the best crypto investment in 2023?

Which coin is the best Cryto investment in 2023?

Whenever you choose a new investment in cryptocurrency, you must consider several factors, such as the current price of the asset and its expected growth, as well as aspects related to the project that drives it. This includes the reliability and security of the platform and tools that help determine long-term value.

A prominent candidate right now is RBIS, the token behind ArbiSmart’s interest-bearing wallet and financial services ecosystem.

ArbiSmart is EU authorized and has a history of fast, consistent interest payments and no recorded cases of fraud or hacking. Online user reviews across all social media channels are generally extremely positive. The project complies with regulatory requirements regarding KYC and AML documentation, external auditing and segregation of client and corporate funds, and has a solid track record of stability.

While the RBIS price is currently below 50 cents, analysts expect the value to rise to more than $2.8 by the end of the 2022-2023 financial year.

The wallet

ArbiSmart’s interest-bearing wallet generates interest of up to 147% per year on savings in nearly 30 FIAT and cryptocurrencies. Your exact interest rate depends on how long you choose to lock your money in a savings account, the amount you lock in and your account level, which is based on how much RBIS you own. You can still earn a basic rate even if you don’t own RBIS, but the more tokens you own, the higher your profit from savings plans in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Euro or any other supported currency.

You can convert a savings plan to another currency in RBIS at any time. This is useful if your money is in a currency that has experienced a sudden drop in price, as swapping the credit in RBIS ensures that your capital does not lose further value.

Credits in RBIS also earn three times the interest earned on credits in any other currency. You can decide to keep your savings plan in a preferred currency such as Dogecoin or USD and still increase your interest by choosing to receive daily interest in RBIS.

Currency purchase

In addition to being available through third-party exchanges, RBIS can be easily purchased through RBI management page in the dashboard. ArbiSmart offers discounts on all currency purchases and sales through this platform. The discounts vary between 10% and 50%, with the percentage increasing as the waiting time is longer and the amount purchased increases. An additional condition may also apply at times, ie. locking in a certain amount of RBIS until the purchased currency is available for payout. This has created an additional RBIS tool, further increasing the token’s token value.

The referral program

Another source of RBIS profit is the ArbiSmart referral program. Each referral generates ongoing commissions of up to 10% of your friend’s daily savings plan. All commissions are paid in RBIS, giving the token a new use case and increasing its value.

As your RBIS balances grow, so does your account level, meaning you receive higher interest on your own savings in all supported currencies.

RBIS Utilities will be launched in the 1st quarter of 2023

New services are constantly coming to the ecosystem, all of which require the use of RBIS. This stimulates demand for the token as the maximum RBIS supply always remains the same, so the supply always keeps shrinking.

In the first half of 2023, the ArbiSmart ecosystem will introduce a DeFi protocol that offers gamified yield farming, an NFT marketplace, an exclusive NFT collection, and a professional crypto exchange. With the launch of each new RBIS tool, ArbiSmart users will earn capital gains on top of interest from wallet savings plans, trading, digital art collections and stakes.

With 2023 about to kick off, RBIS utilities are gaining momentum, the token is proving its long-term viability as the ecosystem expands and the community grows.

Ready to start 2023 right? Buy RBIS now!

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