On 2 February, Orange Business Services will inspire visitors about the workplace of the future

The former Login consultants, who have been active since September under the name Orange Business Services, are organizing the Digital Workspace Summit on 2 February. The day focuses on the workplace of the future and, among other things, zooms in on the user experience. Jules Pieters (Country Manager in the Netherlands) and Chris van Werkhoven (CTO Digital Workspace) explain why the day is worth visiting.

The Eye Film Museum in Amsterdam will be the setting for Orange Business Services’ Digital Workspace Summit all day on February 2. Visits are free. “The event will be a source of inspiration for customers, consultants and business partners who work in the workplace of the future”, says Chris van Werkhoven. There is a full day program filled with knowledge sessions. These aim to support IT decision makers in developing a future-proof workplace strategy that fully meets the new needs of employees. The central themes are employee experience, hybrid work and innovation.

It will be a special day, says Jules Pieters. “Under the name Login Consultants, we organized workplace events in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany together with partners for many years. They were relatively small. Now that we have merged into Orange, we can reach a much wider audience when we talk about what the future of the workplace looks like.”

Employee experience
Employee experience will be an important topic that day. “We have always strived for the best possible experience for the employee, but today, with the ‘war for talent’, it is even more important for organizations that employees are satisfied and involved. The digital workplace can play an important role in this,” says Van Werkhoven. Pieters adds: “We will discuss this in collaboration with a number of partners. Our major technology partners Microsoft, Citrix and VMware will be speaking at the event. This also applies to Mixit, which specializes in putting employees at the center of the digital environment.”

The day also aims to bring together the traditional Orange customers and the customers of the former Login consultants and inform them about the new opportunities. Van Werkhoven: “Other branches of Orange will have an important place on the stage, such as Orange Cyberdefense, which specializes in security, and Business & Decision, which deals with data intelligence and data experience. In this way, our existing customers can see what else can be done, and at the same time Orange customers get in touch with us.”

Data engineering and artificial intelligence are also discussed, including innovative AI tools such as ChatGPT, says Van Werkhoven. “In addition, we discuss a number of customer cases, and there are also experts from our own organization who talk about the many opportunities that are currently available in the workplace. I definitely advise companies that are working on this and are interested in it to come on February 2.”

It is an extremely topical theme, he describes. “Due to the corona pandemic, the hybrid work has of course picked up speed. Everyone had to put something down very quickly. If you want to tackle it now in a good and future-proof way, you can get the right knowledge at this event.”

New name
Pieters and Van Werkhoven are now used to the new name and see the benefits of it. “We were taken over by Orange a few years ago. At first we kept the name Login Consultants, but now it’s Orange Business Services,” explains Pieters. “Orange Business Services was already involved in B2B telco services in the Netherlands. Now the digital workplace has been added. This is an advantage for the original Orange Business Services, which allows customers to benefit from our digital workplace services. And we are now stronger in offering cloud services, networks and everything related to infrastructure. We can also much more easily add important components such as artificial intelligence and data engineering. Orange is also very strong in the area of ​​security.”

Dot on the horizon
The company has more than earned its mark as a workplace specialist. Van Werkhoven explains how this has grown over the years. “It started more than twenty years ago with the workplace in the data center, using Citrix and virtual desktops. Slowly but surely, this has become broader, and it is no longer just about the application landscape, but also about devices like laptops and the entire employee experience around it. We follow customers throughout their entire journey. We talk together about the strategy, which leads to a design and a business case.”

Customers come from all kinds of sectors, usually with between 500 and 5000 workstations. Van Werkhoven: “Some of the projects start with putting a dot on the horizon, after which we build, migrate and ultimately perform the management via managed services. But it is also possible that the contract with the current outsourcer expires and we come in to quickly take over. Then we look for improvements. We work in small spurts to create an innovative workplace.”

The complex application landscape is the challenge for many projects. “Old legacy applications often hold back innovation, also in the cloud journey. You have to look at this in an inventive way,” says Van Werkhoven. “Furthermore, hybrid work requires something different from the way we organize IT. Where you used to let as if you were working in the office with your VPN on the laptop, this is obviously not sufficient as a permanent solution for everyday use.” Another theme that should not be underestimated is, as already mentioned, employee experience. If you want to arrange it properly, it starts with the onboarding before the first day of work, says Van Werkhoven. “And then it is important that applications, data and information are centrally and easily accessible so that the user can easily switch between applications regardless of device, location or time. We help with that too.”

Workspace as a Service
Within its own organization, Orange Business Services is strongly committed to innovation and reinventing itself. Pieters: “We offer a complete, innovative workspace-as-a-service. With the help of special accelerators, we help customers to accelerate in a service-oriented way. We can manage everything in smart ways. We do this with our own services, based on a cloud-native and DevOps method. In the way we simplify workplace innovations for customers, we also demonstrate innovation ourselves.”

By: Johan van Leeuwen

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