Calvaria P2E Fantasy Game is only $300k away from its goal

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RIA is currently on track to meet its presale goals. The cryptocurrency has raised over $2.79 million in its presale, and only 10% of the tokens, worth around $277,000, are still available.

Polygon partnership announced

According to the latest reports, the developers of Calvaria: Duels of Eternity are collaborating with the popular layer-two blockchain Polygon.

As explained in the reports, the partnership between Calvaria and Polygon will give players of the game several advantages, especially in terms of speed and scalability, something that Polygon will offer the platform. Calvaria players will enjoy an optimal gaming experience and will be able to trade their Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) without hassle.

The developers of Calvaria showed Polygon’s impressive growth and condition. Along with its robust infrastructure to support NFT transactions and gaming operations, the collaboration will help Calvaria greatly. As the game gets closer to launch, operating on the Polygon blockchain should boost the game.

100,000 RIA Giveaway

The developers of Calvaria have also done their best to keep their players engaged as they work towards launching the game. They are offering $100,000 in RIA tokens to community members as part of the latest token rollout.

Investors in this presale have a good chance to earn even more RIA tokens for free. While the crypto will be listed on public exchanges, the possibility of notable increases remains relevant.

What is Calvary?

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a budding blockchain gaming platform that combines NFTs and the metaverse into a single ecosystem.

The game takes players to an afterlife metaverse where they can purchase NFT trading cards representing different characters. Players can buy as many as they want to combine and use in this game universe.

The purpose of Calvaria is for players to create a trading deck and compete against other players for eRIA tokens.

There are two tokens in the Calvaria ecosystem: eRIA and RIA. RIA is earned through the Calvaria presale, while eRIA is earned after winning a match.

The appeal of Calvaria comes from the fact that the game is completely free to play. Although there is a paid version, players can still enjoy and benefit from the game by playing the free version. Unlike many competitors, you will be able to play Calvaria on mobile and desktop platforms, making the game accessible to the widest possible audience.

The RIA token

RIA is an ERC-20 token that powers the entire Calvaria ecosystem. The digital asset is the medium through which NFTs can be bought and sold, and RIA can also be used to exchange for eRIA.

As a proof-of-stake (PoS) coin, RIA owners can stake the coin and earn additional rewards in the future. Striking RIA also gives players control over the Calvaria platform. They can, for example, vote on suggestions and developments in the game.

The RIA is currently in its final pre-sale phase and has raised over $2.79 million. With only 10% of the coins available, RIA will soon debut on public crypto exchanges once the presale is complete.

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Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

Calvaria investors should also keep an eye on this more recent pre-sale. Meta Masters Guild is the latest play-to-earn platform that will offer various mobile games. By playing these games, players earn so-called ‘gems’ which they can exchange for MEMAG tokens. Their first game, Meta Kart Riders, is coming out soon.

Investors can currently purchase MEMAG tokens for $0.007 each. This price won’t last forever. During the presale, the price will eventually rise to $0.023 in the seventh and final stage. So buy MEMAG quickly!

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