Half of Dutch players identify most with their online alter ego

Funny and remarkable at the same time…

Research from Lenovo (*1) among gamers has shown that half (50%) of Dutch gamers identify more with their online alter ego than with their own personality. Players feel most like themselves when they play at home. The study shows that gamers often have two personalities: their online and offline personalities.

The majority of Dutch respondents (65%) indicate that they feel most authentic when playing at home, followed by having social contact with family and friends (61%) and participating in other hobbies (47%). When asked when they prefer to play games, 54% say they play games in their spare time after work, followed by games in the evening when the children are in bed (27%).

The gaming effect in the workplace: different favorite genres by field

The study also looked at the positive effects of gaming on the players’ work lives. 36% of respondents say games make them more creative, 32% experience less stress, and 27% say it helps with communication and analytical thinking.

Within sectors, there is a difference in what type of game is preferred when players want to feel like themselves the most. Strategy games are preferred by players in the administrative (42%) and creative (41%) industries, while players from the financial (40%) and medical (38%) industries feel most comfortable playing creative games. Gamers working in IT (38%) and Media (50%), on the other hand, prefer First Person Shooter games, while researchers (50%) and people working in fashion (43%) feel more as themselves when playing role-playing games Play.

Lenovo says it wants to connect the worlds of online and offline gamers with its Legion laptops. These laptops are equipped with AMD Ryzen processors and AMD Radeon graphics, such as Lenovo Legion 7 and Lenovo Legion Slim 7.

Two personalities, second skin stickers

While the majority describe their online alter ego as funny (35%), violent (34%) and creative (32%), the Dutch gamers indicate that they are quiet (30%), serious (30%) and creative at work. (29%) are. Many players lead a double life, but this duality is rarely celebrated. To capitalize on this multi-skin mentality, Lenovo Legion has teamed up with Salva Espín, comic artist and game designer, known for his work with Marvel on characters such as Deadpool, She-Hulk, X-Men and Wolverine, to create a series of ” Second Skin creates stickers.

Salva Espín: ‘It was great to be part of this project where I could express all my passions in design, games and technology. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire creative process and worked closely with the Lenovo team to create five designs that best illustrate the research findings. My Legion 7 already has the sticker representing my professional and alter ego. I can’t wait to see how these designs will come apart
be part of thousands of people’s laptops!’

Christian Dotzauer, EMEA Marketing Lead, AMD: “This research shows that games bring fun, socializing and self-expression to many people’s lives. The communities that form around games and gaming experiences are unlike any other. We are pleased that we can partner with Lenovo to celebrate gamers bringing their true selves to other aspects of their lives through Savage Stickers.”

Design your own gaming sticker with the help of the Marvel artist

The Lenovo Legion Gaming Community can design the final sticker. Anyone can submit their own dual persona sketch by commenting on the community thread and uploading their design there. The deadline for submissions is January 26, 2023, after which Salva will personally select his favorite and work with the winner to transform the concept into the final Second Skin design.

(*1) The survey was conducted by Censuswide with a total of 7,010 respondents in eight major markets. There were 500 Dutch respondents.
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