intern shares video of children in Amsterdam shelter on TikTok

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The police, GGD and the Danish Education Authority are aware of the case. The parents of the children are stunned and full of questions. The childcare is preparing a statement, confirms director Nicole Krabbenborg from Kindergarden childcare.

The young intern – who works in the Amsterdam Stadstimmertuin department – ​​posted a video on Snapchat and TikTok in which a number of children can be recognised. She did this without her supervisor knowing about it. This collection of images shows, among other things, that a ball is kicked at two children, who then fall over. A child is also asked to imitate a seal and a video shows two children lying down, accompanied by the text ‘they start early’.

All done in secret

A parent saw the photos on social media and immediately alerted childcare on Sunday. He took the report seriously and put together a crisis team. The intern immediately deleted the images. A kindergarten worker took the video to the police that Sunday for advice. On Monday, a coroner examined her phone.

No criminal charges emerged from an initial investigation. “But it must be clear that this behavior towards the children is unacceptable,” says Krabbenborg. The intern was mentored by an employee who has 21 years of experience at the shelter. “The intern has impressed upon us that the employee cannot help it and that she has done everything in secret.”

Recordings strictly prohibited

Those who start working at a childcare center sign an agreement that it is strictly forbidden to film children for private use. “She broke that rule. She now deeply regrets it. She is aware of the seriousness of her transgression. She is now cooperating fully with the investigation and is willing to answer any questions. Also to questions from the parents, who are obviously very shocked by the images ,” says Krabbenborg.

The anxiety among the parents is great. On the Facebook page, the day care center is beaten and even encouraged to close its doors. ‘My daughter is in kindergarten. I find it sickening and I am also really shocked! How could this have happened?’ writes one of the parents. “My daughter is in kindergarten. I want to know what kind of behavior has been shown. Crossing the line is too short for me,” says another.

Death threats

The intern has been threatened since last weekend. “Terrible messages like ‘I’ll kill you’ come in from different corners of the country. This is of course unacceptable,” says Krabbenborg. “We had to pick her up and bring her by taxi yesterday because she is terrified. We understand the anger and frustration , but you don’t want what happened to her right now. This girl made a grave mistake. She knows it, but she’s certainly not a criminal or a sex offender.”

The intern is sent away from the shelter as punishment and may also not be allowed to complete his training. “She really gets punished enough,” says Krabbenborg. The young woman is at day care on Tuesday to give text and explanation about the pictures. “We want to know exactly what is going on so we can inform the parents as best as possible.”

Dear intern

Employees and colleagues are stunned. “This is an intern who was loved by everyone. We are all very sad.” An information evening is being organized for the parents of the children in the video, where the management hopes to be able to answer all questions. “It is important that we are as transparent as possible and learn from this so that it does not happen again in the future,” the director said.

Various angry parents are talking about ‘pornographic material’ on social media, but according to the police, this is not the case. “It’s not about pictures showing children naked.” The police call it making the images unwanted, but it is not a criminal offence. A compilation of some videos posted by the intern is circulating on social media. Management encourages everyone to remove the collection for ‘children’s safety and privacy’.

Kindergarden has more than seventy branches throughout the Netherlands and is therefore a major player in childcare.

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