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The online platform RBTX 2.0 brings together users and suppliers of cheap robots quickly and easily (photo: Paul Quaedvlieg)

Those looking for an individual, cost-effective automation solution can turn to the RBTX online marketplace from Igus. Instead of buying parts from many different sources, interested parties can find cheap robot parts from different manufacturers here – all with price and compatibility guarantees. Igus now presents the robot marketplace RBTX 2.0 with a new design and new functionality. The goal is to make the selection of suitable individual parts or a complete system even easier.

Gathering all low-cost robots on one platform and making automation as easily accessible as possible is the goal of Igus. The company launched the RBTX.com robot marketplace in 2019. The online platform brings together users and suppliers of cheap robots quickly and easily. In this way, interested parties can find individual components or complete solutions for their automation concepts that precisely meet their requirements and budget.

RBTX 2.0

“There are now 76 partners in our RBTX marketplace. RBTX 2.0 is available in nine countries, and those interested can currently choose from 259 different products – from robots, software, control systems and power electronics to cameras, grippers, sensors or motors,” says Alexander Mühlens, Head of Automation Technology and Robotics. division at Igus. All components are combined and tested in advance so that they work perfectly together. “We want to continuously add partners and products to our online marketplace so that users always have access to a wide range of up-to-date offerings in this fast-growing market segment,” says Mühlens.

Improved user experience

Igus invested in the platform’s user-friendliness. “We have analyzed our website and collected feedback from our customers to see how we can further optimize the online marketplace and user experience. We hope that the new design will create even more clarity, a marketplace-like character and allow even more intuitive use. In this way, everyone interested can find a suitable robot solution as quickly and easily as possible,” says Mühlens.

More filter options

On the platform, customers will also find more than 100 ready-to-use complete low-cost solutions and application examples with compatibility guarantee and spare parts list. For example, various gluing applications are available from EUR 6,010. The new design allows users to filter results by application or industry, making searching even easier. There are now also other product categories, such as software. This also makes it easy to find G-code or CSV file converters and complete LabVIEW, MATLAB and ROS node interfaces.

On the RBTX platform, customers will also find more than 100 ready-made complete low-cost solutions and application examples with compatibility guarantee and spare parts list (photo: igus)

RBTxpert support

If users do not know exactly which automation solution is right or which components are necessary for their automation concept, they can get help from RBTXperten. This service has been available to users at all stages of the website since the launch of RBTX 2.0 and can be booked directly for a consultation. The service is provided by experienced igus automation experts who advise and assist interested parties and help them find the right solution for any application. It is a free video call, after which those interested receive an individual fixed price offer. In a test room of 400 square meters for customers, the experts provide live video advice every day and test the feasibility of the planned automation application together with the customer.

Test before investment

With “Test before you invest”, customers can easily submit their automation tasks. The robot specialists then test the robot installation free of charge with the customer’s subject within an hour. “This service is being used more and more. In Germany, around ten tests are currently being carried out per week. Customers then receive a handling test video with a fixed price quote for the components they will need if they want to implement the application,” says Mühlens, adding: “Since the start, we have supported more than 1,200 projects and advise in Germany alone, which we average 25 customers in a week. We bring ideas to interested parties and use our full expertise so that everyone can easily find a suitable robotic solution without being delayed by costs.”

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