M-Files increases ease of use with improved user interface (UI)

Modern user interface simplifies and improves the use of the metadata-based document management platform through improved and more logical layout, improved navigation and better readability.

READING (Great Britain), 17.11.2022 – M-Files, the world leader in information management, introduces a new desktop interface with an improved layout that provides a more comfortable user experience. The upgraded user interface provides better information organization, less noise and improved readability across the entire metadata-driven M-Files Information Management platform. This significantly improves the overall user experience.

“At M-Files, we strive to meet the needs of our users and continue to provide new, creative solutions to make information easier to find and manage”say Anti KujalaHead of Design at M-Files. “This time we have significantly improved the user interface to provide a simpler and more personalized information management platform. This enables knowledge workers to increase their productivity and really make a difference. Thousands of users rely on M-Files every day, and we are proud to (once again) offer a strong, functionally high-quality, secure and modern user interface.”

M-Files customers now have a more intuitive, easier to read and easier to navigate platform experience. The modern interface provides a better overview through a simpler navigation panel that allows users to display the information they are looking for.

This new interface also allows users to find information management controls faster and easier, allowing them to focus more on the content. In addition, it has become easier to group certain information and thus better organize specific, crucial documents.

The search interface has also been improved with an easier way to position the search field and create a ‘button’. Overall, these improvements provide a smoother design and faster acceptance and navigation of M files by users.

M-Files partners have also been excited about the introduction of this new interface. “This M-Files interface looks current and modern again and we look forward to sharing this update with our customers in Italy”say Marco Scuriproduct manager digital solutions Konika Minolta Business Solutions.

“We have received very good feedback about our new user interface. Our partners in the Netherlands and Belgium are looking forward to installing this update on all their M-Files customers.” Peter Dalhuisen, CAM Benelux at M-Files.

M-File’s metadata-based document management platform increases productivity and improves the quality of work by making information faster, easier to find and use. The impressive artificial intelligence and automated search engine sifts through vast amounts of information across a wide variety of sources, both in M-Files repositories and beyond, to identify content, including so-called ‘dark data’.

Information is organized, secured and processed using intuitive metadata that recognizes the type of document, determines its relevance and thus achieves higher satisfaction and productivity.

The modern enhanced desktop interface provides users with a consistent and consistent experience in using M-Files, whether it is on the desktop or web or mobile applications. The modern user interface is immediately available to new M-Files customers. For existing customers, it is possible to make this transition from November.

To learn more about how M-Files provides a seamless document management experience, schedule a demo: https://www.m-files.com/schedule-a-demo/.

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