The Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) is ready to conquer the play-to-earn sector

London – Wednesday 18 January 2023 – The latest play-to-earn (P2E) gaming platform, Meta Masters Guild, has already raised $505,000 from interested investors since the pre-sale began a week ago.

Round two has now started and the token price has now increased to $0.01000.

There are seven rounds in total during the pre-sale. In the last round of the presale, the token price will be at $0.02300, 129% higher than the price in the second round.

Meta Masters Guild is eager to become the best place for casual gamers and mobile developers.

People can become part of this vision by investing online in the project using their crypto wallet.

The project even has a racing game in advanced stages of development, Meta Kart. So the project is not a scam.

The Meta Masters Guild token, $MEMAG, may sell out during the second round of the presale, so it’s important to invest early if you want to pay the lowest possible price for the token.

Meta Masters Guild CEO: ”It’s an exciting and fun time in the MEMAG ecosystem”

Commenting on the success of the first round of pre-sales, Meta Masters Guild CEO Gabriel Hristov said: “We are extremely pleased with the level of interest in the project from our community.”

“We want to make fun and playable Web3 games to make money with a sustainable in-game economy that can be played on mobile.”

“Our main goal is to reward the community by developing games that everyone likes and will come back for, which is very important to us as a team.”

Soon we will be releasing updates to our community which will add new features to the platform which will include NFTs and staking features.

“It’s a fun and exciting time in the MEMAG ecosystem, and we look forward to sharing it with our community.”

Meta Masters Guild focuses on a play and earn approach, but has a different approach than many other platforms that also do this. By offering fun gameplay, they want to motivate players to use the platform more often.

The centralized platform has another advantage over older games as players own the assets in the game and are rewarded while having fun while playing.

Meta Masters Guild has a more sustainable approach than, say, Axie Infinity, because it develops games that are actually fun to play.

Low hard cap makes Meta Masters Guild realistic and feasible

Analysts believe that Meta Masters Guild could become the fastest growing play-to-earn cryptocurrency of the year with a growth potential of up to x10. Crypto Boy himself believes that the project has the potential to go x1000.

The project is also very feasible. After all, only $4.97 million is needed to achieve the goals in the roadmap.

The platform focuses on games for mobile devices and avoids the costs when games are developed for e.g. consoles.

Meta Masters Guild is an ambitious project and has already attracted the attention of several indie game developers. Gamearound is the first and is responsible for the launch of the Meta Kart racing game.

Gamearound is becoming more and more famous, partly due to the fact that they developed a game for the clothing retailer Boohoo, a publicly traded company with a turnover of more than 1 billion.

A Meta Masters Guild ambassador, Patrick Hegarty, made the following YouTube video to briefly explain the project:

Three games in development and at concept level

Choose your favorite driver and kart and race on one of the many fun racetracks that Meta Kart has to offer.

Meta Kart is free to play and has a number of play-and-earn features.

You can race alone in arcade mode or test your skills in PVP (player vs. player) competitions.

Players can use both Gems and MEMAG tokens to purchase and upgrade drivers and karts in the Meta Masters Guild Store.

You can also play and earn in arcade mode to win rare NFTs. Meta Masters Guild NFTS are playable drivers and karts in the game and are rendered in 3D.

Next Meta Karts Racers The Meta Masters Guild has two other games in development, both currently at concept level.

Meta Masters World is a mobile game where you can build, explore and conquer. The game is developed by Gamearound.

Players can win and buy land and playable characters from the NFT Store.

Meta Masters World will also be free to play. However, it offers several play-and-earn features based on tasks that require skill from the players.

Players can explore the world of Meta Masters World and complete in-game quests to earn while playing. Players can also buy land and choose from countless buildings to build, which they can use to upgrade their NFTs.

The third game that is at concept level is Raid NFT. The team at Meta Masters Guild will provide more information on this later.

What is the difference between MEMAG and Gems?

All games on the platform will use the $MEMAG token. This can easily be exchanged for in-game currency, Gems.

Gems are off-chain assets, meaning they are not on a blockchain and therefore are not actually cryptocurrency tokens.

The fact that these tokens are off-chain means that Meta Masters Guild is suitable for the App Store. It can therefore be approved by, for example, Apple and Google’s app stores.

For people who prefer not to use the above app stores, there is also a version of the games that can be played via browsers.

Whether it’s a bull or bear market, you can make money by investing in $MEMAG for the long term

According to Newzoo Research, the revenue for the mobile gaming industry is approximately $77.2 billion in 2020.

Within this gaming industry is the racing game segment. According to Statista, sales in this segment already amounted to 2.68 billion dollars last year.

Web3’s decentralization will turn the gaming industry upside down. The interests of the players and the quality of games will be the most important thing, not the financial thoughts of the game developers.

Bear or bull market, crypto games are becoming more and more popular. Invest in the Meta Masters Guild in the long run and the rewards can be life-changing.

  • Hard cap – 350,000,000 coins = 4,970,000 USD
  • Start date – 11/01/2022
  • End date – TBC
  • Ethereum network
  • ERC-20
  • $MEMAG

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