Tiny House Battle with Nora Gharib and these contestants and experts

Nora Gharib has presented the Tiny House Battle program on VTM since Tuesday 20 December at 20.35. Experts Michiel De Backer and Nick Bal give tips and tricks to the construction teams every week. Find out all about Tiny House Battle and the contestants in this article.

This article is updated each week with new information about that week’s episode.

Tiny House Battle

Do you live on 27m²? Is it possible! Each week, Nora Gharib presents the ultimate job challenge for two construction teams in the all-new Tiny House Battle. The bar is high and time is limited. In each match, two teams are given nine days to design and build a move-in ready tiny house to a buyer’s liking. In order to live compactly, the construction teams must think broadly and make maximum use of every square meter. From design to completion, the construction teams are assisted by technical construction expert Michiel De Backer and designer Nick Bal. And then it’s time for le moment suprême: the reveal to the buyers. What creative, resourceful and handy solutions does everyone pass by? Which construction team will blow the buyer away? And which house will be bought and soon shine somewhere in Flanders?

We saw the actress Nora Gharib earlier on VTM as a presenter on Blind Jumped.

Nora Garib

Tiny House Battle host Nora Gharib narrates: “Renovation is one thing, but building a tiny house is next level. I am therefore very proud of the construction teams who, with incredible creativity and phenomenal craftsmanship, give their very best to transform a few square meters into a warm home for the buyers. For that’s what this program is about: giving people a new home.”

Lives in a small house

Nora Gharib continues: “The step that the buyers and their families have taken is incredible. They all have a special reason for living in a tiny house, and those stories have touched me one by one. The buyers simply hand over their money and blindly trust the teams that will build their ‘home’. Cheers! I’m always happy when I can help people through a TV show, and this time I’m very proud of the result!”

Did you know that this program was previously shown in the Netherlands. Tiny House Battle with Nora Gharib from VTM is therefore a remake. I wrote the following about the Dutch version: Tiny House Battle with John Williams. Want to watch the Flemish Tiny House Battle from the Netherlands? This can be done via VTM GO. Here you can read everything about watching VTM GO in the Netherlands.

Michael De Backer

Quality and creativity are key in any match. That’s why experts Michiel De Backer and Nick Bal give tips and tricks to the construction teams every week. Michiel De Backer aka The Business Man guides the teams with his construction expertise. He is an architect and founder of Ark-Shelter, a company specializing in mobile housing concepts. “Designing a small house is more difficult than designing a home because you have much less space. For someone who has never done this before, this is a real challenge,” says Michiel De Backer.

Nick Ball

Nick Bal aka The Creative Force investigates the decorating of the tiny houses. He is an interior designer, furniture designer and artist. “Designing small houses is not the same as furnishing an apartment. You have to give rooms more functions, and that makes all the difference,” says Nick Bal.

Participants Tiny House Battle

In Tiny House Battle we see new contestants every week. They compete against each other in construction teams. In the first episode, they are Team Joeri from Kortrijk with friends Joeri, Ucha, Emiel and Arthur. And Team Filip from Schoten with his family. Filip and Margot are a couple, Frans is Filip’s grandfather (and the construction team’s secret weapon) and Bert is Margot’s father. They go to work for Hanne and Sam from Antwerp.

Hannah and Sam

Nora Gharib meets contestants Hanne and Sam (from Antwerp) in the first episode of Tiny House Battle. The couple want to go back to basics and dream of living in nature. But even though they would like to live small, their wish list is anything but. “I want to bring at least half of our plants, we want stained glass windows, a dedicated desk, lots of wood, no folding bed and we attach great value to our large storage closet,” it reads. The construction teams immediately doubt whether all this will fit into a tiny house for the participants. “They had a lot of demands, and I think they don’t really realize what they’re asking for,” the construction teams say.

Construction team episode 1

After the buyers have listed their wants, the battle can begin in earnest. The construction teams are given 9 days to build the tiny house. And they do so under the watchful eye of Nora and the experts Michiel and Nick. This week team Joeri (from Kortrijk) and team Filip (from Schoten) will compete against each other. Joeri, Ucha, Emiel and Arthur form a group of friends from West Flanders who met in construction. They like sleek, modern homes and each have their strengths. They compete against Team Filip, a close-knit family who call themselves ‘the hobbyists with perfectionism’. Filip and Margot are a couple, Frans is Filip’s grandfather and Bert is Margot’s father. Their secret weapon is ‘den bompa’, the gang’s most handy.

Pepijn and Justine in Tiny House Battle

In the second episode, Pepijn and Justine are the Tiny House Battle contestants who are looking for a new home. High school sweethearts Pepijn and Justine have been together for 10 years now. During the corona crisis, the couple traveled through Europe with a van for a year. There they noticed that they don’t need much to be happy. They see the move to a small house as the logical next step. They don’t care about their stuff, but it’s their dog Yokko. “What we definitely want to take with us is the pillow for our dog. For the rest, as little as possible,” they laugh.

Construction team episode 2

Team blue this week consists of plumber Arno with his fiance and interior designer Elien, brother Lars and friend Ulrik (from Aarschot). They will compete against team orange with the twin brothers Andro and Romano and their two best friends Omar and Gorik (from Menen). The chunky craftsmen want to show that they can make something really beautiful even on a small budget. And between all the chores, eating and all the fun, they also get time to test the little house themselves. More specifically the bed and it happens with the necessary snoring…

Annelies and Frank in Tiny House Battle

The buyers Annelies and Frank (from Antwerp) want a minimalistic small house with a large open living room, sleeping space for four people (they have two children), a bathroom with a bathtub, a fully equipped kitchen and many large windows. And all this in just 27m². These Tiny House Battle contestants don’t want to live here permanently; they are looking for a tiny house to escape the city on weekends and holidays. “We both had a burnout and never want to go through this again. It was really intense. So we are now looking for the balance between being energetic and moving forward on the one hand and a resting place to connect with nature and each other on the other ,’ says the couple.

Construction team episode 3

Team orange has well understood that creativity is trump. In addition to moving elements, they will build a floating table that comes out of the ceiling. Will they succeed in completing this ambitious plan in just nine days? And what creative solutions are still up for grabs from their opponents? This week Team Blauw (from Puurs) consists of four creative wood freaks: father Jan and his son Zander together with friends Jan-Pieter and Tom. “We always want to deliver a properly finished product with respect for the environment and for the customer,” say the creatives. And team orange (from Evergem) also consists of a strong combination of workers. Tom performs the insulation, Yannick is a carpenter, Stijn is a self-employed plumber and Thibaud is the manager of a construction company. The craftsmen are immediately on edge: “If you’re not participating to win, why are you participating?”, they laugh.

Jonas wants a hobbit house

In Tiny House Battle episode 4, this week everything revolves around the big dream of buyer Jonah (from Kapelle-Op-Den-Bos). Jonah suffers from autism and currently lives at his parents’ house. “All my brothers and sisters are out of the house, and I also want to live independently. I have been on the waiting list for public housing for 6 years,” says Jonah. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen: “His priority class is not high enough because our parents are still alive, but of course he doesn’t take his own needs into account,” says sister Freya. That’s why Jonah wants to live in a tiny house in his sister’s garden. As a major collector and Lord of the Rings fan, he has a very special request for the construction teams: “I want a hobbit house!”

Construction team Tiny House Battle

Hobbit vibes is therefore this week’s assignment and it is placed with two unique construction teams. Team orange (from Puurs) consists of two strong men and two strong women and is composed of Thomas. This creative carpenter is also a super fan of The Lord of the Rings himself. They compete against team blue led by Kenny (from Rijmenam): a group of ambitious colleagues from the special youth care. Although the teams do everything they can to realize Jonah’s dream in nine days, experts Michiel and Nick quickly notice that both teams will not meet the deadline. They send host Nora Gharib to them with a special message and a changed rule…

Astrid, her daughters and Snake in Tiny House Battle

In Tiny House Battle, two teams build a new home for Ingrid (from Adegem) and her two teenage daughters this week. After a difficult period, Ingrid wants to make a fresh start in her own little house. “We want a kitchen with a movable island, a room downstairs, an upstairs with two bedrooms where you can walk straight out and a bathroom with a bathtub,” it reads. The construction teams immediately wonder if all these big wishes fit into a small house. In addition, Ingrid’s daughters have a very special, extra wish for the construction teams. “We will soon have a snake as a pet, and it will also have a place in our little house,” it reads.

Construction team episode 5

The dream of Ingrid and her daughters is being built this week by two motivated construction teams. Team Oranje (from Lint) consists of four tough men who work together in construction every day. “We get to creatively give our own twist to our tiny house and pay particular attention to detail,” it reads. Team blue (from Meulebeke) wants to make a difference with speed and efficiency. Each team member has their own specialty and they want to win with that. The geographic battle ensures an unprecedented speed for both teams. The teams have never progressed so quickly. Throughout the design process, many bold choices are made and risks are taken. “Ingrid wanted everything in white, and they painted half of it black. Strange tactics!” judges Nora.

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