Warehouse robot specialist Exotec expands its product portfolio with three modular innovations

Warehouse robot specialist Exotec is expanding its product portfolio with three modular innovations
The new additions to the Skypod system make Exotec even more of an end-to-end supplier of automated storage solutions

Amsterdam, 19 January 2023 – Exotec, a global specialist in warehouse robots, is expanding its product portfolio with three innovative solutions: a modular conveyor system, an improved picking robot and new proprietary warehouse software.

As inflation and labor shortages put increasing pressure on supply chains, companies around the world are looking for ways to meet their immediate needs while preparing for the future. To help its customers with this, Exotec is releasing a new transport system (Skypath), a revamped picking robot (Skypicker) and its own warehouse software (Deepsky), all of which integrate perfectly with the Skypod system.

All three utilize Exotec’s signature modular design, enabling customers to meet their changing business needs by simply adding new solutions to their existing systems. This allows them to easily increase or decrease their stock volume, fluctuate the number of items in the assortment, add new functions for composition or packaging of packages, and so on.

The new products take Exotec one step closer to their vision of fully automated warehouses where people can work smarter instead of harder, benefiting both customers and end users.

Exotec customers using the Skypod system can integrate the following products:
• Skypath is a modular transport system that can achieve a maximum throughput of 2,500 boxes or cases per hour. The modular design consists of straight, curved and slanted elements to suit most logistics needs and layouts. The special feature is that the entire control is integrated into the mechanical components, which makes it a real plug-and-play system.
• The renewed Skypicker is an intelligent order picking robot for modern warehouses. Using machine learning, it can automatically visually detect the weight, size and position of each item. But it is not only capable of picking the product, it will also intelligently deposit the product in the order picking bin or carton so that the quantity taken is optimised. For example, it intelligently places items in staging containers and optimizes available space to ensure seamless package handling. In addition, thanks to improvements to the system, the Skypicker can process up to 600 items per hour.
• Deepsky is an end-to-end warehouse software that seamlessly integrates all modules in the Exotec portfolio with most warehouse management and control systems as well as third-party automation equipment.
“With these innovations, we are even better helping our customers manage efficient, scalable and modular warehouses that meet their specific needs,” said Romain Moulin, CEO and co-founder of Exotec. “Our partnership with more than 30 leading brands gives us a unique perspective on the most pressing inventory needs and enables us to continuously innovate to deliver even greater value to our customers.”

The three new products are immediately available to both new and existing customers.

More information about Exotec’s systems and solutions can be found at exotec.com.

About Exotec
Exotec is a robotics company that operates globally to build scalable warehouse robot solutions for the world’s biggest brands. The company combines the best of hardware and software to deliver flexible warehouse systems that increase operational efficiency, add resilience and improve working conditions for warehouse workers. More than thirty leading brands, including Carrefour, Decathlon, Gap and Uniqlo, rely on Exotec for item-to-person warehouse automation. This allows them to improve their efficiency and profitability as business models and customer expectations change.
More information about Exotec’s systems and solutions can be found at exotec.com. You can also follow Exotec on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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