C+Charge Raises $330,000 in Presale

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The electric car sector continues to grow, and the increasing number of electric cars requires a better and more user-friendly system. C+Charge takes up the challenge with a new payment network for electric car charging, to make charging easier and cheaper than ever before.

This unique platform can connect electric drivers to multiple charging networks and process transactions with blockchain. In addition, the driver is rewarded with carbon credits and other sustainable crypto rewards.

By using blockchain to make the network peer-to-peer, C+Charge can solve important problems in the industry, such as obscurity and high cost of charging. Additionally, carbon credits are currently only available to giant companies.

Invest in the C+Charge Charging Platform

Ready to invest in this professional project? C+Charge is currently preselling its CCHG token for $0.013 each, having already raised more than $334,000. The price per token will increase to $0.0235 through 3 steps and here is how to participate:

  1. If you want to invest in C+Charge, it is important to have a crypto wallet. There are many different options, but the 2 best for ease of use and security are MetaMask and Trust Wallet. These wallets are easy to install and use.
  2. To buy CCHG, you need to use BNB or USDT in your crypto wallet, for example on eToro, where you can use a bank card or other convenient payment methods to buy this BNB or USDT.
  3. Once you have enough BNB or USDT, you can go to the C+Charge website and connect your wallet to the platform. You can easily do this with the “Wallet Connect” feature on the main page, then scan the QR code on your screen from your wallet app.
  4. Connect your crypto wallet to the C+Charge website to exchange BNB or USDT for a minimum of 1,000 CCHG tokens.
  5. Your purchased CCHG tokens can be claimed at the end of the presale, via the “claim” page, which will then go live.

C+Charge solves the following problems

The electric car industry continues to expand, and so do bottlenecks for drivers. One of these bottlenecks is the lack of convenience and access to charging points. To solve this, C+Charge is creating a peer-to-peer payment system that uses blockchain to make charging points more accessible and efficient.

With C+Charge’s professional Web3 platform, drivers of electric cars can very easily obtain CO2 credits, which was almost impossible before. It will motivate more people to switch to sustainable transport and reduce emissions from electric cars.

Another problem for electric drivers is the lack of benefits. By rewarding these drivers with CO2 credits, C+Charge shows that they are helping to protect the climate. In addition, there is no clear way to pay for charging, which is why finding and paying at charging points is a big challenge.

With the use of a peer-to-peer system and smart contracts, drivers can easily search for available charging points, without extra charges or waiting times and with simple payment via your crypto wallet.

The cost of charging your electric car can sometimes be very unclear. But with the C+Charge platform, drivers have a clear overview of costs, making charging much cheaper and more transparent for the user.

C+Charge provides landlords and other managers with a simple solution for tracking customer usage. Not only can drivers pay directly for their own use, but landlords and businesses will also install a charging point more quickly.

C+Charge Team launches professional charging platform

Ryan Fishoff is the strategic advisor and co-founder of C+Charge. He has a background in finance and equity as well as a strong understanding of corporate transactions and development. He is also a director of American Wealth Mining Corporation – a company that helps clients and shareholders become richer.

Tanya Gullick is Head of Business Development for C+Charge in the UK and Europe, where she has been very successful with new businesses and sustainable projects. Tanja’s skills are in business development and marketing.

Ryan Tomas is Business Development Manager and has a successful history of strengthening companies’ market position. He is very good at thinking analytically, planning, leading and creating strong connections between business partners.

Mark G. Gomez is the Chief Development Officer and Co-Founder of American Premium Water Corporation with a broad knowledge of celebrity, marketing, branding and public relations in addition to 20 years of successful entrepreneurial experience.

Finally, we have Barami YodKhampa, also known as “Mr B”, who helps the team with marketing advice. He is also the Director of DTC Marketing Agency Group – One of the most famous marketing agencies in Asia serving crypto and NFT companies.

C+Charge (CCHG) partners

C+Charge has the solid foundation it needs to power the growth of the EV industry, reduce emissions on our planet and help EV owners reduce their footprint.

Led by an experienced and professional team, C+Charge is poised to deliver a revolutionary solution and perhaps become the future of EV charging.

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