Computable Christmas Puzzle 2022: ‘Another Delight’

In the Calculated Christmas Puzzle 2022 ‘From A to Z’ – as usual – the ICT year came again in the form of cryptic descriptions about companies, institutions, people, conditions and developments that have been in the news. Those who filled in the correct answers on the PDF of the Christmas puzzle found the final solution in the corresponding bar of the chart of the Philippines, namely: Make your IT department inclusive.

ONE. Computer centers are excited about this: Data thermal (Data centers are considering whether they can do something with the potential of their residual heat, also known as data thermal energy.)

B. Gerard Sanderink found his… in this room: Waterloo (On 3 November 2022, the Enterprise Chamber suspended Gerard Sanderink as director of Centric with immediate effect.)

C. This IT entrepreneur received an oeuvre award: By Nederlof (On October 5, 2022, IT entrepreneur Ad Nederlof was the first to receive the Computable Lifetime Achievement Award from the Vanad Group.)

D. Most likely tragic death of this cyber expert: Arjen Kamphuis (At the end of November 2022, after an extensive search and reconstruction of the last traces of the cyber expert Arjen Kamphuis, who disappeared in Norway in 2018, a research team concluded that he most likely entered the water and then died of hypothermia or drowning. )

E. Does this programming language need a rest?: Cplusplus (According to Mark Russinovich, CTO of Microsoft Azure, the time has come to stop using the programming languages ​​C and C++ for new projects. The programming language Rust should serve as an alternative.)

F. The Digital Trust Center should increase this: Cyber ​​resilience (The government has set up the Digital Trust Center to increase cyber resilience in business.)

G. These devices deny power management: Lazy servers (Data centers, including colocation providers, want to reduce energy consumption, including “idle servers” — lazy servers — that use energy when they’re not performing IT tasks.)

H. French slot machine with the grumpy: Atos (A split into two listed companies should help troubled French IT group Atos recover.)

I. Historic petition unions for…: Ick-cao (In March 2022, the trade unions FNV, CNV Vakmensen and De Unie first presented a petition at the office of trade association NLdigital for a better collective agreement for ick – the information, communication and office technology sector.)

J. Rich Fortuna Sittard supporter: Atilla Aytekin (This CEO of the gaming and adtech company Azerion, which went public in 2022, is also a co-shareholder in Premier League club Fortuna Sittard.)

K. This minister does not keep his hand on e-cut: Alexandra van Hufflen (State Secretary Alexandra van Huffelen for digitization in the Ministry of the Interior and the Kingdom of Denmark is in favor of e-wallets in the EU.)

L. Surviving a teeth-gritting cyber attack: Colosseum Dental Netherlands (The oral care chain Colosseum Dental has paid hackers more than two million euros in ransom to regain access to patient data from the dental practice.)

m. Data is secure in this arrogant cloud: Superb cloud (Sovereign cloud is on the rise in the EU. It is a cloud offering from “sovereign regions”, equipped to ensure necessary compliance, often with customized contracts and industry-specific requirements.)

N. Futuristic icon from the City of Light: Evoluon (The old Philips future location in Eindhoven has been given new life, among other things with RetroFuture, the exhibition about the future of the past.)

ISLAND. Database researcher (1953-2022): Martin Kersten (On July 6, 2022, Martin Kersten died at the age of 68. He was associated with the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica, emeritus professor of computer science at the University of Amsterdam and co-developer of the open source system MonetDB, his brainchild. )

P. Watchdog barks at this worrying clip: Seller locks in (The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets wants to put an end to the ‘supplier lock-in’ of IT companies in the healthcare sector and has tightened competition rules to this end.)

Q. File in cake via eMates no longer works for them: detained (The Justice Institutions Board discontinued the EMates messaging service, which was set up specifically for detainees, after warnings from prosecutors that criminals were abusing the system due to a lack of oversight.)

R . Co-founder of the telecom group (1939-2022): William Dick (Former KPN CEO Wim Dik died on June 19 at the age of 83. Under his leadership, state-owned PTT (Post, Telegraphy, Telephony) was spun off and floated on the stock exchange in 1994 as Koninklijke PTT Nederland (KPN). was spun off in 1998, after which the remaining PTT Telecom continued as KPN.)

p. The Ukrainian blogger wrote about the (cyber) war with Russia: Andrii Maidanyk (Ukrainian and ICT journalist Andrii Maidanyk wrote a series of blogs for Computable about the ICT development in his home country and the fight that ICT professionals are waging against the Russian invasion.)

T. You can send this NFT sticker to a message: NL crypto stamp (PostNL issues a crypto stamp. This consists of a physical stamp to use and a ‘digital twin’, a qr code with which the online copy can be viewed.)

YOU. New name owner best word processor ever: Alludu (Corel, long known for WordPerfect and still active with CorelDraw and WinZip, is changing its name to Alludo.)

w. Attention Junkie with Blue Tick: Elon Musk (The new owner-cum-Tesla boss is looking for new sales models amid much fanfare.)

W. Internet in 3D: Metaverse (A virtual world that you don’t see from a distance, but that you are ‘really’ present in. With a lot of big/meta expectations.)

X. The healthcare system does not feel bound by…: Mandatory advice (Three GGD institutions could not live with the preparation of a binding advisory. In fact, they filed a lawsuit to appoint new advisors who had to re-evaluate the software from the supplier Finalist. The court did not agree. It concerns the GGD Utrecht region, GGD Twente and GGD Hollands Noorden.)

Y. Managers have difficulty with this mix: Hybrid works (Companies around the world are grappling with the return of employees to the office now that the corona pandemic is over. Apple is among the organizations where hybrid work is creating resistance.)

Z. 4NG – TheFactor.e (Q1), Bechtle – PQR (Q2), IFS – Ultimo (Q3) and Rapid Circle – Seven Sigma Business Solutions (Q4): this advice always places them in a wider context with Computable: CFI (Examples of Dutch acquisitions in 2022. With CFI – Corporate Finance International – a financial consulting firm for acquisitions and mergers, Computable produces an overview of these types of transactions every quarter.)

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