D66 asks college questions about building Geversweg house

Castricum – In recent years there has been much discussion about the change of destination for the location of the former Strandfundsmuseum at Geversweg 2a. Owner Menno Twisk could not keep the museum and build a house there, but it seems that an environmental permit will be granted to the new owner. D66 questions that.

By Hans Boat

In a letter of 21 December 2010, the D66 faction asked the board four questions in response to the board’s decision to issue a draft environmental approval for the realization of a home on the Strandfundsmuseet’s grounds. These questions were answered in writing on 22 December.

Firstly, the group asks whether it would not have been wise to consult the Council on this matter. The answer to this is that the municipal council already decided in 2017 that the construction of a house is in principle possible instead of the Strandfundsmuseet. Since the additional conditions have been met, the board has submitted the draft decision for review. Reference is also made to the pleadings that the council received in October 2022.

‘Effect of precedent’

Secondly, D66 asks whether it is still possible to refuse the environmental approval and to include consideration in the interpretation of the Zanderij-Noord zoning plan. That option is there, but according to the board, the applicant fulfills the conditions set, including making land available for the natural development desired by the council.

The question is then asked whether there may be a ‘precedent effect’ with regard to construction activities in the area in question. The answer to this is that the Municipal Board does not expect it, because the Strandfundmuseet’s building will disappear, and this function will no longer occur elsewhere in the area. ‘In other words, the built-up area does not actually increase to a great extent, there is no urban function, and a function with a traffic-attracting effect disappears,’ says the municipal council.

Finally, in response to the fourth question, the Commission has stated that it does not play any role in the considerations that the applicant is also involved as a developer in the “Kaptein Kaas” project in the Zanderij-Zuid planning area.

Reaction D66

On behalf of D66’s party, party chairman Harold Ebels would say the following about the answers to the questions his party had asked: “Looked at this way, the board’s answer is clear about which agreements have already been made before. – except for the nature development at Zanderij. And it will indeed be true. It does not change the fact that precisely in connection with this natural settlement, where PWN, the province and the municipality are preparing land acquisitions, there is still great uncertainty among the owners about this. The established spatial framework shows that only a very limited number of building options. In some situations this will be based on the removal of commercial properties, but otherwise it is unclear which owners and in which locations could obtain building options. Our group believes that this should never be considered a lottery. We are in favor of select building sites based on spatial considerations and financially equalize the proceeds among all owners. For example, everyone can receive a small compensation on top of the square meter price ve d acquisition. We believe that such a principle, if properly developed, can lead to support among all owners who sell land for the benefit of nature development. Anyway, according to the municipality, Geversweg 2a remains outside this and that plan has its own route, which does not make it more clear, according to D66.” (Archive photo: Hans Boot)

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