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The cryptocurrency market can be very volatile at times, but luckily there is a way to reduce and even avoid your risk while making a profit. Will the market recover or will it sink deeper than before? This is not a problem if you invest in a reliable crypto wallet with interest.

The advantages of a crypto wallet with interest is that you can safely save and earn interest, which is sometimes 100 times higher than what you would get in a regular bank.

ArbiSmart is a very popular crypto wallet provider and financial ecosystem that surprises the market with new innovative features, ease of use and unique ways to earn money.

Safe and reliable

Kryptomonitor, a German news and analyst provider, has named ArbiSmart as a key player in restoring confidence in the cryptocurrency market after the FTX crash. ArbiSmart was founded in 2019 and approved by the EU with a good online reputation for reliability, profitability, regulation, monitoring, availability, good customer service and no history of security vulnerabilities.

ArbiSmart Crypto Wallet with interest

Consistent and high interest

Security is very important in the cryptocurrency market, but profit also remains an important point. ArbiSmart pays more interest than other legitimate competitors, up to more than 140% per annum, regardless of market conditions.

ArbiSmart Crypto Wallet highest interest rate

Exactly how much you earn depends on the level of your account, which you can increase by holding more RBIS in the account. You can earn money without having RBIS, but with RBIS you can earn more per year.

Very user-friendly

Another important advantage of ArbiSmart is that you can easily and quickly open a savings account. You don’t need much knowledge of crypto or blockchain and it’s easy to set up.

Simply register on the platform and deposit money or cryptocurrency. To maximize your profits, you can purchase RBIS with just a few clicks from the dashboard’s RBIS management page.

Then select your desired currency and the duration of the savings account. The longer the account runs, the more you earn. Now you choose how you want to be paid daily and finally you choose how much you want to lock.

Register on ArbiSmart Easy and fast

Lots of alternative ways to earn

ArbiSmart’s crypto wallet is unique because the platform has many other features to maximize your profit.

This way you can get up to 50% discount on your purchase of cryptocurrency or traditional currencies. For example, you can buy BTC for 200 euros with a 20% discount. You then pay 160 euros, but receive 200 euros in BTC at the end of the waiting period.

When you choose a currency to buy, the dashboard shows the terms of the discount. This includes the length of the waiting period, how much you buy and whether you choose to lock RBIS during the waiting period.

ArbiSmart also offers a bonus for renewing savings accounts. In the last 90 days of your savings account’s life, you can extend it for the same period you previously chose and get up to 10% of your interest immediately. For example, if you have a 2-year savings with an interest rate of 30% per year and choose to extend it, you will get 33% on your extended savings account.

With ArbiSmart’s referral program you can get paid 10% daily from your friend, this is reimbursed by ArbiSmart so your friend doesn’t lose anything. For every friend you refer to the platform, you can earn up to 10% of their interest daily for as long as their savings account is running.

ArbiSmart Crypto Wallet Additional features

RBIS: A Rising Token

ArbiSmart’s ecosystem and crypto wallet work with the RBIS token, which crypto analysts expect to increase by more than 900% by April 2023. The supply is limited to 450 million and can never increase, but demand is increasing now that more benefits are coming to have RBIS.

One of the reasons for the expected increase in the value of RBIS is that ArbiSmart will add a number of new features to RBIS this quarter. Among other things, a professional crypto exchange, an NFT marketplace and a DeFi protocol for dividend farmers, with gamification.

New utilities for RBIS Token

If you register with ArbiSmart within 3 days (after publication of this article) you will receive 30% extra on top of your balance, more details can be found on the dashboard after your registration.

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