Technical producer Unlimited Productions combines 8 shows with minimal setup time into 1 master production

There has been so much talk about it and so little application: cost sharing, sustainable successes and sheer time savings of using the event at one location multiple times for different events. Technical Producer Unlimited Productions put it into practice in the Ziggo Dome. Six complete successive event shows in the Ziggo Dome retained the basic framework, but resulted through clever additions and adjustments in completely ‘own’ events. An interview about cost sharing, sustainable production and unusually beautiful arrangements.

Just take it, being involved as a technical producer in six enormous productions in the Ziggo Dome (photo: Nathan Reinds). Unlimited Productions brought it to a successful conclusion with various promoters. This was the challenge:

  • This year’s music festival (2 shows)
  • Today Inside Live
  • This year’s catering party – Bidfood
  • Symphonica in Rosso – Dolly Dots
  • Moon
  • Anthony (2 shows) spoke with Managing Director Bart Roelen of Unlimited Productions:

In the location world, the Ziggo Dome falls under the name ‘black box’, which means for the organizer and indeed also the technical producer ‘a wonderful playground’ to create something beautiful from scratch: How do you arrive at the perfect setting for this mainly show -based targeted events and who takes what role?

“The design was made by Niels Peeters from Mojo, who made the design for Symphonica in Rosso. What we did together as a technical producer was to adapt the design so that it worked for all parties involved. We made stage adjustments, maximum width, depth , heights, format of the stage, the orchestra pits, in short, everything you see has been discussed with several parties, so we could produce a set that all parties could use, with minimal or minor adjustments, so there was a different look and feel at all shows. For the perfect setting, Niels Peeters created a very nice design on behalf of Mojo, which suited the previous Symphonica In Rosso concerts and perfectly suited the Dolly Dots performances. We have translated the design into the actual image , what should work for all events. What do you need for it. Per event, ins and outs, a band, an orchestra, dance, balle t, how many artists, whether the desire for a catwalk or not, whether the desire to cow mme into the hall with a moving scene, several sub-scenes, in short, we asked for all wishes and requirements, and we finally fulfilled them together with Niels translated into the actual image.”

Photo: Unlimited Productions / Josine van Oostveen & Tristan Fopma

With different productions in the same location, there is a lot to gain when it comes to sustainability, cost sharing, etc. And how does it look in practice?

“There is definitely a lot to gain, you put the set down once and in the design you take into account that it can be used for all kinds of shows and that the other shows just look completely different. The stage, the sound, the whole technology has been put away once We’ve only done conversions for the relevant shows, so barriers have actually been adjusted for each show Some trusses have been hung up, some other lights have been put on the stage, the flooring has been changed here and there, and we’ve also taking into account a piece of sustainability, we have put different types of carpets on top of each other so that we did not have to throw a carpet, so we have actually worked on the sustainability and cost sharing aspect.”

Photo: Unlimited Productions / Josine van Oostveen & Tristan Fopma

Many event professionals and clients want a fully bespoke event, parts of the kit have been reused here, how does it become a bespoke event?

“By working with different creative video and light parties. We have had almost every party in Holland for these concerts. Especially Maan, Antoon, Muziekfeest, Symphonica, which were all performed by other parties, so it was programmed in a different way, and it was done with a different approach to the show, so even though the basics are pretty unique and the same, the shows still looked different, just little things were built up like a different colored carpet, orchestra trays that are higher or made lower, rafters that went in and out, different positions, a C stage installed, the use of a rolling stage for e.g. the moon came out of the roof, which has not been used with other shows and artists, video screens in other positions, in short, there has always been a little conversion every night to the relevant show.”

“For Today Inside, all neck-sitters have re-entered the Ziggo Dome. Due to a seated event, all bums had to leave the Ziggodome this time. Obviously, Today Inside is a completely different event, and we’ve already taken that into account. with the sound design, that the sound could, for example, hang in other positions. Produce well, produce creatively and, above all, consult with each other.”

Are there any elements in these 6 events that you would say are innovative, clever, creative or different from the norm?
“To be honest, no, it was a lot of technology. But we looked very smart and creative, especially with the sound design with Jeroen ten Brinke, on how we could create a framework that would work for all the shows. It’s obviously a setting that may not score 100% for some events but it scores 99% but overall this setting is more than perfectly usable for everyone and maybe better than a normal average we made clever use of speakers attached to moving hoists so we could place the speakers a little higher, lower or in a different way for each setting, the same applies to the light, and also with regard to e.g. video it was hung on a very large motion rail so that we could use different settings for each show. So each show was unique with its own setting. We took very good care in the design that this set could look different for each show.”

Photo: Unlimited Productions / Ben Houdijk

“It was a tough event personally because you’re dealing with different tastes. You’re dealing with 6 different clients and there’s a lot of politics involved because everyone wants more and different things or they want you on another way. way of using things. We as Unlimited Productions have managed to manage that very well, it has also been my sport personally, to make everyone happy, to keep everyone happy and give everyone the maximum. We do that by working together with everyone to think, to think creatively and positively, everything is possible and everything is also possible, but within the image itself of course because it has to be financially possible We look back on a really nice production, with 6 nice customers where we only see happy faces have seen.”

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