Ways to secure cryptocurrency

A question that everyone should ask themselves is “How secure is my crypto?” Buying crypto has only become easy in recent years. A newcomer can become the owner of cryptocurrency through an exchange within a few mouse clicks, but newcomers do not know how best to secure this currency.

Securing your cryptocurrency is an important matter, especially now that hackers around the world are actively stealing cryptocurrencies. People are robbed of their cryptocurrencies on a daily basis. This has happened often enough in the past and will only happen more in the future. To make sure newbies are aware of the importance of keeping your crypto safe, we’ve looked at the safest ways to store your crypto.

2-factor authentication

A simple and effective way to secure your cryptocurrency is to turn on 2-factor authentication. By using 2FA security, hackers have little chance of gaining access to your cryptocurrency. To use 2FA security, you need to have your smartphone handy, because you get a password that changes every minute. So even if a hacker succeeds in getting your password, there is always an extra layer of security that changes every minute.

To ensure that hackers do not get to your 2FA protection, it is important to choose a strong password. This is something that has always been told to everyone, but not everyone uses. Many people use the same password for different platforms. It is therefore wise to use a password that you do not use elsewhere and that is difficult to guess. To make sure you create a strong password, there are several generators that create passwords for you. These passwords are often a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation characters.

Security on your computer

It is a fact that computers are vulnerable to viruses and malware. Therefore, it is important to properly protect your computer using antivirus software. Of course, you don’t want hackers to be able to install malware on your computer and empty your crypto wallet. There are many different types of antivirus software, both free and paid. The wisest choice is to choose paid software because they are usually much more secure than free software. To secure your home, don’t you also choose a eufy alarm system to secure your home in the best way?

A hardware wallet

As previously mentioned, good security for your crypto wallet is essential. There are many online wallets and wallets on your smartphone where you can store crypto, but it is not the most secure way. The safest way to store crypto is to use a hardware wallet. This is a device that looks like a USB stick. You can place your crypto coins on this device and only you have access to this hardware wallet. Because this hardware wallet is not connected to the internet, it is hacker-proof.

Hide your identity

To make sure hackers don’t find you, it’s important to hide your identity online. It’s nice to show people how beautiful your crypto portfolio looks, but sharing it online is not wise. There have been many people who flaunted their crypto earnings and got rid of them because it attracted people with bad intentions.

If hackers find out that you are investing in crypto, you will also have to deal with phishing more often. Hackers try to extract data via email, SMS or phone. Today, the phishing items they send out look a lot like the real thing. This can make it difficult to distinguish the items, but with a keen eye you will always be able to spot mistakes. Therefore, never click on links that you receive in an SMS or email without being able to say with 100% certainty that it is a real link.

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