Young Warriors Waalwijk organizes a walking challenge to help children

Photo: Pix4Profs / Jan Stads

WAALWIJK – No less than 6,839 kilometers of walking. A group of enthusiastic Waalwijk students – active as Young Warriors Waalwijk – took up the challenge. To ‘share’ the thousands of kilometres, Young Warriors look for other hikers. They want to collect 1 euro for every kilometer walked. The profit goes to the Tax Fund, with which they want to help children/families in Waalwijk and in Pumdi Bhumdi (Nepal).

Janne, Isa, Evi, Eleyse and Lisa (third years in secondary education) together form Young Warriors Waalwijk. The students are committed to developing opportunities for children and families who need help with this. They work together with Young Warriors in Nepal and the Light of Life Foundation. This Waalwijk Foundation is committed to children in Pumdi Bhumdi in Nepal. Together with the municipality of Waalwijk, the foundation also signed the national Alliantie Kinderpoverty to draw attention to this issue. The Young Warriors think and help with the Light of Life Foundation, and that’s how the idea for a walking challenge was born. “The distance between Waalwijk and the village of Pumdi Bhumdi is 6,839 kilometers. We will cover those miles. We ask people to walk with us and be sponsored for it,” says Lisa. “For every kilometer we want to collect 1 euro!”

Mayor and councilors participate

RKC Waalwijk has already made a contribution. During the recent home match against SC Heerenveen, the players covered 113 kilometers together, which they donated to the Young Warriors. There was also a sponsored run at the secondary school for Young Warriors and students from MET Praktijkonderwijs walked 469 kilometers. Nice individual measures followed. Together with the Schoenenkwartier, the Young Warriors also came up with an additional campaign: A treadmill has been placed in the freely accessible café at the Schoenenkwartier. “Visitors can cover their kilometers on this!” says an enthusiastic Janne. Mayor Sacha Ausems and councilors Dilek Odabasi (education) and John van den Hoven (culture and sports) from Waalwijk municipality took first place on the treadmill last Wednesday. Moreover, they did not come empty-handed: the municipality of Waalwijk contributes 500 euros to the Young Warriors Treasure Fund. This amount is specifically intended for the children in Waalwijk who need it. The mayor and councilors were impressed by the students’ initiative. “You can be really proud of yourself,” Mayor Ausems said.

Mayor Sacha Ausems and councilors Dilek Odabasi and John van den Hoven from the municipality of Waalwijk walked kilometers for the Young Warriors Treasure Fund on January 18 on the treadmill that has been placed in the Schoenenkwartier for this purpose. Councilor Van den Hoven got a laugh when he fanatically took off his jacket and threw it away. (photo: Pix4Profs / Jan Stads)

Help for children/families in Waalwijk and Nepal

The Light of Life Foundation was founded in 2008 by Marlies Beeks from Waalwijk. She says: “In 2007 I was on holiday in Nepal. We got in touch with the director of a school in Patan, who asked us for help. I come from education and believe that every child has the right to a good education. With the Light of Life Foundation, we help children in Nepal prepare for the future as best as possible. Young Warriors Waalwijk’s action is valuable because young people in both Waalwijk and Pumdi Bhumdi learn to see from different perspectives how they can contribute sustainably to the development of opportunities where they are needed. With the Tax Fund, Young Warriors can provide documented financial support, both in Nepal and in Waalwijk. A wonderful learning process, both for all young people involved and for the adults who supervise the project.”

Walk along!

The Young Warriors Waalwijk are looking for walkers who want to cover some of the 6,839 kilometers and are sponsored to do so. Donations to the Young Warriors Treasure Fund are also welcome. Visit to find out how to participate. Or go into the Schoenenkwartier; the treadmill will be there until Wednesday, February 8. The Young Warriors hope to have reached the target amount of €6,839 by February.

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