Calvaria (RIA) Presale almost meets target and closes at 3M

The long-awaited crypto play-to-earn (P2E) battle card game, Calvary, is just $200,000 short of reaching its pre-sale goal. For investors, this means you need to act fast to grab Calvaria tokens at an attractive price.

Calvaria has been mentioned before in our list above best presale crypto 2023 and the Calvaria presale has so far raised $2.9 million and is trading at $0.0325. The presale will end when the $3,075,000 milestone is reached, which is expected to happen well before the January 31st closing date.

However, FOMO seems to be hitting hard now that the final phase of the pre-sale is approaching, meaning the pre-sale is expected to be over well before the deadline.

Early-bird Presale investors line up for high returns

Early bird investors who bought RIA tokens at a price of $0.0100 have already made a profit of 225%. Investors buying tokens now still have a high chance of good returns as games to earn games grow in popularity.

There was a recent trade of a whale buying $97,000 in RIA, which is a sign that the price could go 10x or more when it starts trading.

Duels of Eternity Alpha version will launch in 2023.

The RIA coin first starts with an exclusive initial exchange offer on the BKex exchange. Once the coin is listed on BKex, which is currently the 17th largest centralized exchange, RIA’s price can quickly move towards $0.0325.

The BKex listing will be on the LBank exchange, which is based in Hong Kong, 24 hours after the RIA listing. Calvaria is supported by the Kucoin Wallet, which has fueled speculation that Calvaria will also be supported by Kucoin in the future.

Calvaria has Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn features

P2E cryptogaming is a new sector of the industry and Calvaria is the first to bring this concept to playing cards.

The project combines P2E with NFT battle cards and also offers a free option for players who want to try the game.

Beating competitors like Splinterlands and Gods Unchained, the project offers 3D characters as part of the standard AAA game design.

In addition, Calvaria differs from standard play-to-earn games by also offering access to the game to players without crypto wallets. The team made a smart choice in this as many people who are new to crypto will also have an interest in the game.

Calvaria will also have an online player versus player mode, betting options and its own NFT marketplace. There will also be monthly tournaments.

Calvaria’s DAO ensures that the community of players and token holders are in control

The Calvaria team has a strong focus on mobile games and has therefore ensured that Duels of Eternity is extremely suitable for casual gamers who primarily use their mobile.

In addition, the DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) governance is very attractive to investors and players, as are the in-game assets marketplace and the scholarship program.

A DAO enables a community of players and token holders to help determine the direction of the game and how the platform will evolve in the future.

Calvaria is a multichain project and has chosen to allow game transactions to take place via the Polygon Layer 2 protocol, which acts as a sidechain to the Ethereum network.

This removes the worry of slow and expensive on-chain activities, ensuring smooth and cheap gameplay. Calvaria is supported by Polygon Studios, WindVane, Chainply and NFTb, among others.

As previously mentioned, the Calvaria pre-sale is almost complete. It is therefore highly recommended for eager investors to top up as soon as possible and take advantage of the attractive price at the moment.

Visit the Calvaria Presale

Note: Cryptocurrencies are unregulated and volatile investments.

Pre-sale stages:

Scene 1: $0.0100 per token – 30,000,000 in total

Phase 2: $0.0150 per token – 30,000,000 in total

Step 3: $0.0200 per token – 30,000,000 in total

Phase 4: $0.0250 per token – 30,000,000 in total

Step 5: $0.0325 per token – 30,000,000 in total

Total raised capital = $3,075,000

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