Meta Masters Guild Crypto Presale Raises $803,000 in 9 Days

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This year’s most exciting play-to-earn (P2E) platform, Meta Masters Guild, already raised $803,000 from investors in the first 10 days of the crypto sale.

The second phase of the seven ends in 8 days, but the presale is moving quickly towards the $1,120,000 target, which will see the MEMAG token increase by 30% from $0.01000 to $0.01300.

In each phase of the presale, the price will increase, the final token price in the seventh phase is $0.02300, which is 129% more than the current MEMAG presale price.

The Meta Masters Guild plans to become the king of sustainable play-and-earn gaming. To achieve this goal, it wants to learn from the mistakes that other games have made in the sector, such as the well-known crypto games such as Axie Infinity.

Meta Masters aims to make games that are fun for everyone – the motto is play and earn and not play to earn, it aims to change the reputation of P2E’s games because these games are often boring.

The project currently already has a racing game, Meta Kart, which is in one of the final stages of development.

At the current rate, the second phase of the Meta Masters Guild presale may sell out within the next week, it is wise to invest as soon as possible if you wish to purchase this token.

Analysts expect MEMAG’s share price to rise rapidly

Analysts expect Meta Masters Guild to become one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies in the play-to-earn sector. Crypto boy expect this to be a 1,000x project.

The project aims to raise $4.97 million during pre-sales, a goal that seems achievable given the current fundraising pace.

This means that investors looking to get in should do so as soon as possible, at this low second-phase pre-sale price.

The big advantage of a ‘feasible’ presale budget is that realization of the roadmap and the project can be carried out with this amount. The reason why relatively little money is needed is because the platform develops games for the phone. This makes the games easier to make.

This doesn’t mean that Meta Masters Guild isn’t an ambitious project, it is, but it shows more that it has achievable roadmaps and goals.

Gamearound Studio creates the first game – Meta Kart Racers

The Meta Masters Guild is in the process of collaborating with a game studio, Play aroundin the ecosystem that will be a permanent partner.

Gamearound is the developer of Meta Masters Guild’s first game, Meta Kart Racers – the game is in one of the final stages of development. To play Meta Kart, players must select their favorite drivers and karts, and then they can choose from one of the many race tracks to drive on.

The Meta Kart crypto game is free to play and uses various play-and-earn features. You can choose to play alone in arcade mode or compete in a PVP (player vs player) competition.

Players can use Gems or MEMAG tokens to purchase upgrades for their drivers and karts in the Meta Masters Guild Store.

You can also use the play-and-earn features in arcade mode to win rare NFTs. Meta Masters Guild NFTs are playable characters in the game.

Gamearound recently developed a game for the clothing brand Boohoo

Gamearound has recently developed a game for the clothing brand Boohoo, a listed company with a turnover of 1 billion.

Besides Meta Kart, the Meta Masters Guild is working on two other games, both games are still in the concept stage. Meta Masters World is a game where you can build, discover and cooperate, this game was also created by Gamearound.

The third game, which is also still in the concept stage, very little is known about this game. The name is Raid NFT.

In a recent statement about the presale success, the CEO of Meta Masters Guild CEO said Gabriel Christov following “We are dedicated to bringing fun and playable Web3 mobile play-to-earn games with sustainable in-game economies”.

“We will soon release updates to the community to highlight new platform features including NFTs and staking.”

He added: “It’s a really exciting time in the MEMAG ecosystem and we look forward to being on this journey with our growing community.”

The Value of MEMAG and Gems in the Meta Masters Guild Ecosystem

All games on the platform will use the $MEMAG token, which is easily converted to Gems, the game’s currency.

The reason MEMAG wants values ​​and application is because the token is used for the platform. It is the key and foundation of the platform. Players need the token to play the games. As the games become more popular, there will be more demand for Gems and therefore also for the MEMAG token. The increase in demand will be positive for the MEMAG price.

Gems are off-chain assets, meaning they do not exist on the blockchain and are therefore not officially a cryptocurrency. This off-chain feature allows Meta Masters Guild to remain an App Store-friendly product and allows apps to be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Meta Masters Guild wants to be part of a valuable entertainment sector

The mobile gaming industry had a revenue of $77.2 billion in 2020, according to Newzoo Research.

Dated from Statistics shows that revenue from racing games alone will reach $2.68 billion by 2022.

So there is plenty of room for growth for this mobile crypto game. Early investors can already invest in this promising play-and-earn game and get in at the lowest possible price.

Meta Masters Guild’s crypto presale is open to everyone. All you have to do is connect the crypto wallet through the website and buy $MEMAG tokens with ETH or USDT.

Visit the MEMAG Presale now

Presale phase Price Number of tokens The value of the tokens
Phase 1 $0.00700 70,000,000 $490,000
Phase 2 $0.01000 63,000,000 $630,000
Phase 3 $0.01300 56,000,000 $728,000
Phase 4 $0.01600 49,000,000 $784,000
Phase 5 $0.01900 42,000,000 $798,000
Stage 6 $0.02100 35,000,000 $735,000
Stage 7 $0.02300 35,000,000 $805,000
Total 350,000,000 $4,970,000

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