Emergency crisis center in Pakistan: Children are now being changed in the chemistry laboratory

Nine families fit into economics teacher Saeeda Shaikh’s classroom. The school desks are stacked against the blue wall and piles of blankets lie on the concrete floor. The children running around are too young for the business classes Shaikh teaches at the Government Girls’ Degree College for teenagers in their senior year and young women … Read more

Can’t afford a bike, sports lesson or laptop for your child? Check out these remedies | Child & Family

23 sep 2022 om 17:20Update: een uur geleden We are all getting a little poorer, said Minister Sigrid Kaag (Finance) on Tuesday. More and more families are struggling to make ends meet. As a parent or guardian, you can knock on these places if you can’t afford a school laptop, new football clothes or the … Read more

Police have their hands full with gel blasters: ‘Manage the risks to your children’ | NOW

In recent weeks, the police had to go out all over the country for incidents with so-called gel blasters. Passers-by often report seeing a weapon, as these fake weapons are sometimes indistinguishable from the real thing. What are the risks associated with these toy guns that allow you to fire gel balls at high speed? … Read more

Widower Wouter to raise his children

Claar, wife of Wouter de Kleyn (54), died in 2017. He was left with three children, Lucas (19), Max (17) and Catho (12). Five years later, the family is composed differently, with friend Frederique and her son James in the foreground and in the background. Wouter writes about his family life on JAN-magazine.nl in an … Read more

‘Children sometimes bring leftovers to school for lunch: a frikandel or cold fries’

At eight thirty in the morning, parent counselor Rachida Azzouzi (53) pushes open the door to Kasteel Spangen primary school in Rotterdam. Her workday actually starts an hour later. But now she also provides a healthy breakfast for the children, so she has to get up early to make bread. At eight o’clock, five mothers … Read more

Together for equal opportunities for children

22-09-2022 Education Editorially VLAARDINGEN – On Wednesday 21 September, the Ungdommens Uddannelsfond and the Schiedam Vlaardingen Foundation organized a meeting to inform all primary schools in the region about the possibilities to combat the consequences of child poverty. Under the heading ‘Together for equal opportunities’, the foundations have entered into a collaboration with teachers, school … Read more