Best trendy crypto to buy now

The cryptocurrency market has shown modest gains over the past 24 hours after a correction at the start of the week. Today is the day the US Federal Reserve meets for a meeting, which in turn could have a big, negative effect on crypto prices. In this article, we will examine the best crypto to … Read more

Must read: Fed needs to relax

News Plus: Bonds are attractive again, be cautious about stocks, the Fed needs to relax, investing in times of stagflation, the government is failing and more. Bonds are back Valuedge’s Renco van Schie and Pimco’s Phil Michels agree that the sharp rise in interest rates in recent months justifies a reconsideration of investments in bonds. … Read more

Jobs that can earn you Bitcoin

Do you want to work and get paid in Bitcoin? If yes then you can do these jobs to earn this virtual currency. It’s no secret that the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies has led many people to look for Bitcoin jobs. Since it is the most prominent cryptocurrency in the world today, almost everyone will … Read more

this is how much you would have if you bought $1,000 worth of bitcoin 5 years ago

The world of bitcoin (BTC) never stands still. What has happened in the past week? A selection of last week’s news. Inflation rate America unfavorable for bitcoin Prices in America in August 2022 are 8.3% higher than in August 2021. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics announced this on Tuesday afternoon. Analysts were expecting 8.1%, … Read more

Toothpaste manufacturer Smyle raises six tonnes with a smile – Edtech company Lepaya takes over in Germany

1. Plastic-free toothpaste manufacturers Smyle collect 610,000 euros Smyle, manufacturers of plastic-free toothpaste, have already raised 610,000 euros through equity financing. The company Almar Fernhout, Roger Nefkens and Dennis Kamst aims for 1 million euros. The funds collected are used for product development, large-scale purchases and filling crucial positions in the organization. The documentation shows … Read more

The renovation of the crypto platform Ethereum should relieve the conscience of the crypto investor

One of the main objections to cryptocurrencies so far has been the huge energy consumption. To create new digital currencies, ‘mining’, groups of cooperating computers race against each other to perform and control calculations. In all sorts of places in the world, this happens through entire parks full of energy-hungry servers. Whoever uses the most … Read more

Netflix bans crypto campaigns in new ad-based service

Bitcoin is currently trading just below $19k after a bad day for the bulls. The largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization has been trading just below the key support level of $20,000 in recent days and is under heavy continued pressure from the bears. Today, the pressure finally started to take effect. Altcoins also started recording … Read more

Man arrested on suspicion of laundering millions of euros in cryptocurrencies [English below]

This lead prompted further investigation, which revealed that the man was converting bitcoin to the privacy coin monero and vice versa. This makes the cryptocurrency harder to trace. His service could take place via the anonymous online network Bisq. The man probably made a lot of money from money laundering. His home was searched when … Read more