Once the Palais Royal, now the W Hotel, was the venue for the Amsterdam journaille

Palace Street with the Royal Palais. Misset, HMJ (Herman, 1875-1958).Image Amsterdam city archive That hotel and cafe with the dignified name Palais Royal was an initiative of Eduard Meijer, the former chef of the Poolsche Koffiehuis (later Hotel Polen), between Kalverstraat and Rokin. He had once started working there as a twelve-year-old boy, and now … Read more

Financial advisor I&A

Financial advisor I&A32 – 36 hours | Scale 11 | Certain period of time What do you want to do?The province is changing at a rapid pace due to digitization and automation, this is the “common thread” in the organization’s strategy. To this end, there is a close collaboration between representatives from the different parts … Read more

Regret and pride in water engineering examined

The Rijkswaterstaat, water boards, provinces and municipalities responsible for water engineering are often strongly focused on “no regrets”. In practice, however, there is great uncertainty about what is meant by this and how it should be done. Deltares and TU Delft have asked six veterans about their experiences in an exploratory survey. What leads to … Read more

MIMO: makes concrete more sustainable and also saves money

At the beginning of June, TNO launched the MIMO concept for an integrated approach to the transition to sustainable concrete. It is a smart tool with data, calculation models and optimization software. All parties in the concrete industry chain benefit: from designer, supplier and demolition contractor to contractor and client. How will the construction world … Read more

Residents of Rijswijk provide the municipality with an interactive map

In the South Dutch municipality of Rijswijk (±57,000 inhabitants) there is a special historical place: Hof van Sion. Archaeologists found here the remains of a monastery from the 15th and 16th centuries. Today, Hof van Sion is part of the sustainable RijswijkBuiten district. The municipality wanted to set up a new neighborhood meeting place here … Read more

Nature today | Water quality checks provide insight into the health risks of water in the built environment

Clean and microbiologically safe fountains, sponge pools and other water in the residential environment. That is the purpose of the water quality check The Norwegian Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). This one is orecently become available to municipalities, citizens’ initiatives or others involved in the construction of water in a city or … Read more

TSMC responds to reports of slippage in advanced chip technology

This is not investment advice. The author has no position in any of the listed stocks. Wccftech.com contains a disclosure policy and ethics file. Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturer (TSMC) has responded to reports claiming that its cutting-edge 3nm (nm) chip-making technology is experiencing delays. Earlier today, reports from research firms TrendForce and Isaiah Research indicated that … Read more