New Crypto ICOs to Invest in on September 22nd

Disclaimer: The ‘Industry Talk’ section contains contributions and insights from people active in the crypto world and is not part of the editorial content of The crypto market still seems to be suffering from the effects of inflation and interest rate hikes. It is also possible that investors will focus more on the future, … Read more

iGaming on Android or iOS

Many people use their mobile phones for iGaming. Others prefer their laptop or tablet. If we only look at mobile, which one is better? Android or iOS. And what about the difference between a mobile phone and the PC? Android or iOS Android or iOS seems like comparing apples and oranges. After all, iOS is … Read more

The NFT market has collapsed, although some still believe in the technology

Trading on OpenSea, the largest digital certificate trading platform, has collapsed. Until recently, the daily volume used to be more than $100 million (€101 million) per day, this month the daily volume fell below $9 million, according to crypto data aggregator DappRadar. Interest in it has cooled considerably: the number of users and transactions on … Read more

Top 5 cryptocurrencies that will rise after the crypto crash

Disclaimer: The ‘Industry Talk’ section contains contributions and insights from people active in the crypto world and is not part of the editorial content of The cryptocurrency market is currently experiencing another crash, with coin prices trading lower amid increased pressure from the broader economy and fears that the US Federal Reserve will raise … Read more

Work Hard, Play Less | The time

Youssef Kobo CEO of A Seat At The Table 20 September 2022 Today at 00:05 Young people should not forget the value of hard work and long-term thinking. It is an enormous privilege to be able to closely follow and assist young people who are spreading their wings. In recent years, countless enthusiasts have passed … Read more

ApeCoin Price Expectation Positive After NFT Marketplace Poll

ApeCoin surged during European trading hours yesterday, gaining nearly 17% in the last 24 hours. APE is the coin of the ApeCoin DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), an organization controlled by the community around the Bored Ape ecosystem. Everyone who held an NFT from Bored Ape Yacht Club received ApeCoin tokens via an airdrop last March. … Read more

Tamadog Presale Hits $19 Million Hard Cap Despite Bitcoin Drop

Disclaimer: The Industry Talk section contains insights from players in the crypto industry and is not part of’s editorial content. The most talked about token presale in 2022 has ended and may just become the cryptocurrency that will save investors’ portfolios in the falling crypto market. The Tamadoge (TAMA) presale closed last night after … Read more

Heerlenaar designs special banknotes in honor of seven…

No, he won’t let the Queen jump out of a plane with James Bond. All that could have been technically easy. The notes for collectors by the Heerlen designer Christian Petermann contain augmented reality: if you scan such a note with your smartphone, you will see a movie or a large 3D image. This kind … Read more