When Maria’s children called, everyone knew that Westerhoven was going to Meerveldhoven | Kempen

WESTERHOVEN – It was actually meant to tackle the 150th procession from Westerhoven to Meerveldhoven in a magnificent way. But here, too, the corona hit a screw. After a two-year delay, the time has finally come on Saturday. The organization secretly hopes for a symbolic number of 150 runners for this 12.1 km long race. … Read more

Wikipedia no longer wants Bitcoin as a donation

The website that most often asks for donations says “no” to certain donations. It does not want to receive Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. People with good intentions with the online encyclopedia will therefore have to choose a different payment method. Wikipedia It is striking that a platform like Wikipedia chooses this because it basically has … Read more

HyperloopTT wins iF Design Award; The Boring Company will build the hyperloop

HyperloopTT, a company that focuses on realizing a hyperloop path, wins the iF Design Award for ‘Professional Concept’ for its sustainable HyperPort concept. At the same time, Elon Musk announces that The Boring Company, which focuses on tunnel construction, will realize its own hyperloop route. HyperPort is a system that aims to implement hyperloop in … Read more

Thousands of children on Expedition Next

Thousands of children occupy downtown Franeker on Friday, reviving the old university for a day. During the second edition of Expedition Next, the city is buzzing with activities. The historic center will be one big festival site for science. There are more than a hundred activities spread over sixteen locations in the city center. Children … Read more

Theft of 555 million euros in cryptocurrencies according to FBI work carried out by North Korean hackers

North Korean hackers are believed to be behind the theft of about $ 620 million (555 million euros) worth of cryptocurrency from the online computer game Axie Infinity. The U.S. Treasury Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) attribute the theft to Lazarus, a hacker group affiliated with the North Korean state. Axie Infinity … Read more