the intimacy of undisturbed visits

In it prison to be relationships and intimacy is very important. Sometimes love stories happen within the institution itself, precisely because it is so difficult to maintain a relationship with someone from the outside. Only through the visits can detainees maintain that bond. Can a couple really escape a prison regime? There is such a … Read more

Statement | Sustainable architecture lingers in the rhetoric

In the absence of bigger ideas, architecture has been under the spell of sustainability for about twenty years. However, a new Pantheon, or something close to it, has not yet produced the architecture of sustainability. Sustainability architecture has established itself, it is called, designing for the future. The recently completed Sluishuis in Amsterdam IJburg, i … Read more

Diary of Joyce Londo, co-organizer of children’s games in Steenwijk-West

Residents of this region provide an insight into their daily lives in the form of a diary. This week it is Joyce Londo who, together with Gerrit Spijkerman and Stephan Lambeck, organized the children’s games in the playground between Lijsterbesstraat and Acaciastraat in Steenwijk-West last weekend. The preparations Where we started 7 weeks ago with … Read more

10 things everyone should know about Ducati

Ducati is the Ferrari of the motorcycle world. The bright red engines from Bologna have defined Italian engineering as much as the famous creations of Lamborghini, Maserati and Ferrari and remain among the most exotic and desirable motorcycles money can buy. Despite mass production, Ducati has a status of exclusivity that Japanese brands can only … Read more

‘Not home yet’

Sjoerd Vernooij (33) and Rea Bex (32) have traveled through the beautiful landscapes of South America for six months. “Before we got into a relationship, we saved separately for our dream trip. Nine months after we met, very romantically on Valentine’s Day, we traveled to Argentina together.” The ad is loading… “Sjoerd has traveled long … Read more

Forgot crypto when reporting? – Jongbloed Tax Attorneys

More and more Dutch people own cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. In practice, we often help taxpayers who have overlooked the taxation of this cryptocurrency. In this article we explain the consequences. To do this, we first outline the rules of the game, then describe the risks of forgetting to specify cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency and Taxes: Main … Read more

‘Super satisfied with the effect we have had’ – Interview Food People

Seamore Interview Food People Yesterday at – Max van der Heijden Willem Sodderland, founder of Seamore, is an entrepreneur at heart. After finishing law, he worked for four years as a strategy consultant for a large international company. He then started his own business and hasn’t done anything else since. In his 25 years as … Read more

Punish or reward?

One of the most important lessons I learned as an educator was that rewards work better than punishment when controlling my children’s behavior. That’s partly because I’m not much of an enforcer, but also because my kids became more compliant with the promise of going to bed fifteen minutes later than the threat of less … Read more